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Euclid Creek Brochure, Fact Sheet, and Maps


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 Explore Euclid Creek Brochure

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 Euclid Creek Watershed Boundary Street Map

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 Euclid Creek Watershed Fact Sheet and Map

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  Euclid Creek Watershed Council

     Community Specific Watershed Fact Sheets, 2011


















  Euclid Creek Watershed Cartoon Map & Urban Stream Information, 2006

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Call the Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator if you are interested in purchasing a full size  hard copy for your home, work, or class room (216-524-6580x16).



















   Cleveland Metroparks Wildwood Park

Click here for general information about the newest addition of parks to the Euclid Creek Reservation - these Lakefront gems - and to view maps of the trails and park amenities.













   Cleveland Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation

Click here for general information about the Euclid Creek Reservation - and to view maps of the trails and park amenities


Click here to see the Cleveland Metroparks 2020 Plan - recommendations for the Euclid Creek Reservation start on page 28.














   Cleveland Metroparks Acacia Reservation

Click here for general information about the Acacia Reservation - and to view maps of the trails and park amenities














Euclid Creek Watershed Program Plans & Studies



Friends of Euclid Creek's Strategic Plan, 2013:  

The Friends of Euclid Creek (FOEC), a grassroots non-profit organization formed in 2002, embarked upon a Strategic Plan in 2012/13 to reassess the group's goals, vision and mission and to set a roadmap for implementing the Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan.  The group is using the strategic plan to help guide an annual work plan, create new board committees, and to outreach to watershed communities' even more effectively. 


Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan for Friends of Euclid Creek 2013-16 (352kb .pdf)

















The Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan, 2007:  

The Lower Euclid Creek Plan looks at opportunities to enhance Euclid Creek in Cleveland and Euclid, the most densely populated cities of the watershed.  The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District worked with a Community Advisory Committee and URS Consulting Team to look at opportunities to enhance Euclid Creek in this area, and were impressed with the hidden assets and potential we found for the creek. Restoration of coastal wetlands, fish passage, land conservation, storm water management, and potential greenspace linkages from the Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation to Lake Erie are some of the recommendations of the Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan. The Plan identifies specific projects that will enhance Euclid Creek and bring the Creek back into the community as an amenity.  The project was funded in part by ODNR’s Coastal Management Grant Program.


Quick Snapshot:

Lower Euclid Creek Watershed Restoration Master Plan (1.7 mb .pdf)

Lower Euclid Creek Trail Master Plan (1.7 mb .pdf)


Full Document:

Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan (16mb .pdf)


Other Links:

Cleveland City Planning Commission's page on the Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan - click here

























The Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan (WAP), 2006: endorsed by the State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio EPA in July 2006.  Thanks to the Euclid Creek communities and all that participated in the development of the plan. 

The Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan sets goals and guidance to establish stewardship activities to protect, restore, and manage the watershed.  This comprehensive plan for the watershed includes a watershed resource inventory, identifies problems, and provides watershed-wide and sub-watershed recommendations and solutions to benefit its communities for the future. 

For comments, or to inquire about ongoing updates / revisions to the plan, please contact the Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator at 216-524-6580x16. 

Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan contents:

Table of Contents, Chapter I: Introduction and Chapter II Plan Development (PDF- 1,894KB)

Chapter III: Inventory (PDF- 19,564KB)

Chapter IV: Impairments (PDF- 151 KB)

Chapters V and VI: Goals and Implementation (PDF- 5,085KB)

Chapters VII and VIII: Evaluation and Conclusion (PDF- 444KB)

Appendices (PDF- 9,199KB)

Click Here to see all State of Ohio endorsed Watershed Action Plans




























The Euclid Creek Watershed TMDL, 2005, Ohio EPA Document prepared at same time as Euclid Creek WAP: approved by the U.S. EPA on September 27, 2005. 

The Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program, established under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. 1313), is federally mandated for all impaired water.  The main branch of Euclid Creek currently does not meet water quality standards and is considered in non-attainment of the Clean Water Act, while the East Branch of Euclid Creek is in partial attainment of meeting water quality standards. 

The TMDL program focuses on identifying and restoring polluted rivers, streams, lakes and other surface waterbodies.  A TMDL is a written, quantitative assessment of water quality problems in a waterbody and contributing sources of pollution.  It specifies the amount a pollutant needs to be reduced to meet water quality standards (WQS), allocates pollutant load reductions, and provides the basis for taking actions needed to restore a waterbody.

TMDL Report without appendices (1.7 mb .pdf)

TMDL Appendices (881k .pdf)

TMDL Fact sheet (74k .pdf)
















Wetlands Inventory, 2007, for Euclid Creek Watershed Council Communities


In 2006, Cuyahoga SWCD hired the Davey Resource Group to conduct a GIS mapping based Wetlands Inventory and Restoration Assessment for Cuyahoga County through a Great Lakes Commission grant. 


The final product was a map and inventory list of wetland sites greater than 0.22 acres in size.  Since wetlands are so scarce statewide and in Cuyahoga County, efforts to protect these last remaining wetlands is critical.  To see the wetlands identified in Euclid Creek Watershed Council communities click on the City below. 


     Community Specific Wetlands Maps

     Click here to see Wetlands Mapping project website and to download the project report. 





























Euclid Creek Watershed Headwater Stream Assessment and Restoration Potential, 2004/9, for Euclid Creek Watershed Council Communities


In 2004, the Cleveland Metroparks surveyed headwater streams in the Euclid Creek Watershed looking for insects, salamanders and fish to assess the relative health of the stream.  Headwater streams are small creeks and streams at the beginning / origin of the watershed (the small tributaries). 


73 sites were inventoried to assess stream health and to identify stream segments in need of restoration.  Sites were then analyzed to identify sites that should be prioritized for restoration.  A report explaining the findings and the meaning of scores is included below.  And each Watershed Council communities' maps are below. 


     Community Specific Headwater Restoration Potential Maps and Report

     Euclid Creek Watershed Headwater Stream Assessment Report, October 2009 - click here



























Euclid Creek Watershed Program Partner's Plans & Studies



Cleveland Metroparks Acacia Reservation: Ecological Restoration Master Plan, 2014:  


In 2013, the Cleveland Metroparks hired consultant Biohabitats, Inc. to conduct an ecological restoration plan for Acacia Reservation as a condition of The Conservation Fun donating the property to the Metroparks in 2012.  The Plan outlines the vision for restoration of the property and the implementation of the Plan will depend on a number of factors, including funding and adaptive management.


To see the full Ecological Restoration Master Plan click here.


To see activities going on at Acacia Reservation click here.


















Cleveland Metroparks 2020: The Emerald Necklace Centennial Plan, 2013:  


In 2012 the Cleveland Metroparks held multiple public meetings with participation from over 500 people offering over 1,500 comments and suggestions.  The Plan sets a vision to guide future decision-making and to establish a foundation for the next century of service, conservation, and sustainability for the Cleveland Metroparks.


To see the Emerald Necklace Centennial Plan click here


Other Links:

Cleveland Metroparks webpage on the plan and the public comment process - click here

















Northeast Shores Development Corporation's Euclid Beach Park Plan, 2012:  


Northeast Shores and Land Studio worked together with landscape architecture firm MKSK to develop a plan for Euclid Beach State Park improvements.  Three public meetings were held in 2012 to get public input on improvements wanted and needed for the park.


To see Euclid Beach Park Plan click here


Other Links:

Northeast Shores Development Corporation web page on neighborhood initiatives - click here

















Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) -Office of Coastal Management's

Lake Erie Shore Erosion Management Plan, 2011:  


ODNR developed the Lake Erie Shore Erosion Management Plan (LESEMP) to assist property owners in their efforts to control lake-based erosion.  By viewing erosion on a regional scale, the LESEMP products are able to incorporate multiple characteristics of Ohio's coast, including shore and nearshore geology, as well as habitat for a myriad of species.


To see the Lake Erie Shore Erosion Management Plan click here
















City of Euclid Waterfront Improvements Plan, 2009:  


The City of Euclid hired JJR, LLC, a design and engineering firm, to assist with refining plans for improvement and enhancement of the waterfront.  City officials, the Waterfront Steering Committee, and JJR met with regulatory agencies, local residents, and business owners to discuss concepts and to develop a strategy for implementation.  The plan is currently being implemented by the City of Euclid - including land acquisition, grant funds to improve Sims Park, and funding was awarded in 2012 to construct a new pier. 


Euclid Waterfront Improvement Plan Final Report, November 2009


Other Links:

City of Euclid web page on the waterfront plan - click here


















Northeast Shores Development Corporation's Euclid Beach Fishing Pier Feasibility Study, 2008:  


Northeast Shores Development Corporation received a grant to determine the feasibility of rebuilding the historic Euclid Beach Fishing Pier into Lake Erie at Euclid Beach State Park.  URS was hired to study the geotechnical and site issues and to determine costs.  The study concluded that constructing a new pier at the site is feasible.  This will be an unbelievably exciting project - views of the downtown from this site are fantastic and would only enhance residents' lakefront experience.


Euclid Beach Fishing Pier Feasibility Study


Other Links:

Northeast Shores Development Corporation web page on the Fishing Pier Study and other neighborhood initiatives - click here




















Cuyahoga County Planning Commission's Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide, 2005: published in September, 2005

The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide is an overview of the watershed and examines greenspace opportunities for the watershed through recreational and cultural corridors and outlines sustainable design practices.

Euclid Creek Watershed Planning Guide










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