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Living In Harmony with Wildlife: Groundhogs a.k.a. Woodchucks

Posted on 07/05/17 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Baby groundhogs.  Photo Credit: Kelly Parker

This is a topic that I am currently trying to find a solution to. My boyfriend is currently dealing with a family of groundhogs that have taken up residence under his home. Being the wildlife enthusiast that I am, I was very excited and taken in by the overwhelming cuteness of the babies, even talking to them from... read more

Education Intern spotlight

Posted on 06/21/17 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Water Sampling in Lake Michigan for a lab class at Loyola in the Spring

Three years ago I had the opportunity to attend a mission trip in Cerro Alto, Guatemala. During the trip we shared a bus with a team of women who were working in local communities installing water filters. After learning how one small filter could provide an entire community with clean water for generations I decided I wanted to... read more

Enjoy Summer on Lake Erie's Beaches, Safely

Posted on 06/13/17 by Claire in Euclid Creek Watershed

Lake Erie Beach Advisory Signage

If you enjoy swimming and recreating in Lake Erie over the hot summer months, the Ohio Department of Health has consolidated swim advisory information onto one website: http://publicapps.odh.ohio.gov/BeachGuardPublic/Default.aspx. You can now find out if there are high bacteria counts and if there are unsafe toxic algae levels on this one website. Why are we having water quality problems regionally?... read more

Ancient Lakes and Modern Impacts on Stormwater Management

Posted on 06/06/17 by Brent in Storm Water Services

Ancient lakes in Lake Erie basin

In geology, a proglacial lake is a lake formed either by the damming action of a moraine or ice dam during the retreat of a melting glacier, or by meltwater trapped against an ice sheet due to isostatic depression of the crust around the ice. Proglacial lakes in the Lake Erie basin began forming 14,000 years ago. What would... read more

Spring Stewardship Stars of Euclid Creek

Posted on 05/31/17 by Claire in Euclid Creek Watershed

Arbor Day Tree Planting with Sunview Elementary with City of Lyndhurst at Brainard Park

Spring encompassed a fantastic array of stewardship activities in the watershed. Between Earth Day activities with Girl Scouts, Arbor Day tree plantings, and corporate Earth Day celebrations it was super busy and super fun! Events were held in Euclid Creek and in our adjacent Nine Mile watershed. Here are some of the fun activities that happened and the... read more