Rain Gardens

Protecting Lake Erie One Yard at a Time

Rain gardens are attractive landscaped areas planted with perennial native plants that do not mind getting "wet feet."  Build in a saucer shape, rain gardens allow water to percolate into the ground.  The benefits of rain gardens are multiple.  Rain gardens:

Recent studies by the US Environmental Protection Agency have shown that a substantial amount of the pollution in our streams, rivers and lakes is carried there by runoff from practices we carry out in our own yards and gardens!  Some of the common "non-point source pollutants" from our yards end up in our local waterways include soil, fertilizers, pesticides, pet wastes, grass clippings and other yard debris.

Planting rain gardens is a great way to help our communities "bloom," making them more attractive places to live while maintaining watershed health!

Click here to see our rain garden projects

Click here to see a virtual rain garden (courtesy of University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


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Places to buy Rain Garden Soil Mixture

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