Tools for Private Owners & Operators of Stormwater Control Measures

With the expansion of our post-construction stormwater control measure long-term operation & maintenance program (say that three times fast), Cuyahoga SWCD has placed a heavy focus on private owner and operator outreach and education opportunities. To that direction we now offer sample maintenance plans, sample maintenance agreements, contractor lists, plant lists, fact sheets for common maintenance activities, and provide site visits and training as needed. For those looking for assistance with their stormwater control measure maintenance plans we provide these valuable resources. A lot of our local partners have also realized that there is a need for better outreach materials, which has resulted in a new guidance manual designed to assist with the inspection and maintenance of stormwater control measures. We've added this to our arsenal of education and outreach materials and we think you should too.

Led by the Northeast Ohio Stormwater Training Council the guidance manual was drafted by local stormwater specialists with input from our state experts to assist private owners & operators with the task of inspecting and maintaining stormwater control measures. The manual includes the history of stormwater management in Ohio and then guides the reader through details for the following stormwater control measures: bioretention areas, dry detention basins, wet retention basins, infiltration swales, permeable pavements, green roofs, rain barrels & cisterns, sand filter systems, underground detention systems, oil-water separators, and non-structural measures like riparian and wetland setbacks and conservation areas.

The manual provides the reader with information on stormwater control measure design, when maintenance is needed, lists of routine and non-routine maintenance, tips to lessen maintenance costs, and inspection and maintenance checklist sheets for each stormwater control measure. This is a great resource for those who have inherited stormwater control measure maintenance tasks, but are new to stormwater management. The manual can be found on the Northeast Ohio Stormwater Training Council website.

If you are a member of a housing association (HOA) with stormwater control measures (typically basins) consider bringing up this new tool at your next HOA board meeting and share it with your management company. Or if you are friendly with a local business owner who is responsible for a stormwater control measure please share the link! And definitely if you are a contractor responsible for stormwater control measure maintenance make sure your inspection and maintenance protocols are in line with the manual's recommendations.

Cuyahoga SWCD is working on hosting maintenance & inspection training workshops for HOAs and private owners this year in our partner municipalities. If this is something you feel your community should offer please contact Elizabeth Hiser, our Natural Resources Coordinator, to discuss the program further.

Blog author: Elizabeth Hiser, Natural Resources Coordinator

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