Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan: Amendments & Modifications

The design, architecture, and engineering that go into a construction project are, extensive. The typical full set of plans for a project consists of many different types of professional drawings: architectural, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and more. The civil engineering set typically consists of, but not limited to; site grading, site utilities, SWP3, and more. The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) is the set of drawings that we here at Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District review and inspect. Like many other type of drawings in the construction set a SWP3 may require some changes during the construction process as a result of changing conditions on the ground. As such the SWP3 is often considered a 'living' document that needs to be updated on a regular basis. The changes fall into two categories: 1) SWP3 Amendments and 2) SWP3 Modifications. Continue reading below for a further explanation.

1) SWP3 Amendment

A SWP3 Amendment is the more formal of the change processes. An amendment is a substantial change to the previously approved plans that requires a review by the approving authority. Some examples of a SWP3 Amendment could be: redesign of post-construction storm water management system, grade changes that alter onsite drainage areas, earth disturbance in new areas that may affect design calculation, or others. Since there is not a definitive list the construction manager should always play it safe and contact the approving authority of an opinion if there is any doubt whether the proposed change should be re-reviewed.

2) SWP3 Modification:

A SWP3 Modification is the type of change is more common throughout the construction as the project evolves toward completion. A modification is change that is minor and does not need to be reviewed by the approving authority. Some examples of a SWP3 Modification include: product substitution not explicitly requiring approval (e.g. compost filter sock instead of silt fence), change of location for a stone construction entrance, addition of a new or second concrete washout pit. Modifications allow the construction manager the freedom of flexibility on the jobsite without having to get approval for minor deviations from the approved plans.

Regardless of whether the change ends up being an amendment or a modification it is vitally important to log the change in the SWP3 Amendment/Modification Log, annotate the change on the official construction drawings, and issue a bulletin to all interested parties. These steps will ensure that all contractors, sub-contractors, and inspectors are aware of the changes and avoid costly mistakes.

For more information about SWP3 Amendments/Modifications or any other storm water related questions contact Brent Eysenbach, Storm Water Porgram Coordinator at 216-524-6580 x11.

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