It's National Bat Week - #Save the Bats!

In recognition of National Bat Week, this week from October 26-November 1, we are sharing a very important partner’s information about bat conservation and education. A group, the Organization for Bat Conservation, located in Pontiac, Michigan is doing phenomenal work to education people in our region about bats. They lauched a #SaveTheBats campaign to mobilize people to become more involved in bat conservation.

Here is information about Why Bats are Essential and what the Organization for Bat Conservation is doing to help.

“Bats are essential to the health of our ecosystem. They help control pests and are important pollinators and seed-dispersers for countless plants. Yet these wonderfully diverse and beneficial creatures are among the least studied and most misunderstood of animals.

Centuries of myths and misinformation still generate needless fears and threaten bats and their habitat around the world. Bat populations are declining almost everywhere. Losing bats would have devastating consequences for natural ecosystems and human economies. Knowledge is the key.

Currently, our North American bat population is declining at an alarming rate due to a number of causes, including White Nose Syndrome. Bats are an important part of our ecosystem – for one, they cut down on those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs! They are also crucial pollinators of many crops, including mango, cashew, balsa, agave and bananas.

We work to help protect bats and the ecosystem by teaming up with local health departments and government agencies to aid in public health issues associated with bats. We also employ trained field biologists to help in the research to protect endangered bats and other animals.

If you have a wild bat or other animal in your home, please call Critter Catchers for humane removal: 248-432-2712.

Join the effort to Save the Bats, so we can help prevent further loss of population, encourage spread of new populations, and share an appreciation for these friendly nocturnal creatures.

Hang around our page for updates on the campaign, fun facts about bats, and ways you can take action in your community and inspire others to join the cause!

Website: https://batconservation.org/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/savebats/

Follow posts and share your own along your social networks with #SavetheBats

The Save the Bats campaign is led by the Organization for Bat Conservation, an educational nonprofit based in Michigan. Your donations to Save the Bats help educate and activate the public to protect these amazing animals.”

Their website has great information on installing a Bat House or planting a Bat Garden! or how to become a Bat Ambassador to educate people about bats in our area.

And here is another recent article describing our local bat decline issues and what you can do to help.

Lastly, take the Bat Week Pledge here!

Knowledge is key – so please follow the Organization for Bat Conservation and our local groups that work to protect and save bats like Ohio Division of Wildlife, the Cleveland Metroparks, and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Blog Author: Claire Posius, Euclid Creek Watershed Coordinator

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