Go Native! But, how?

You've heard us say it thousands of times. Plant native plants! They are good for soaking up stormwater. They are adapted to our region. They don't need fertilized or watered (once established).

So you go to the store to purchase native plants and where are they? Often nowhere to be found. It's frustrating. We get it!

Cuyahoga SWCD now sells native plant kits so you don't have to go anywhere, except to your computer and put in an order. We also sell native seeds the same way.

This year (and hopefully all years) we will be selling seven native plant kits. Kits contain 50 plant plugs ( 2 1/4" x 5") and are $140/each.

Want native plants this Summer - order by March 11
You'll receive your kit in the mail late May/early June

Want native plants this Fall - order by July 17
You'll receive your kit(s) the week after Labor Day
(and yes, Fall is a GREAT time to plant)

Want native seeds - order anytime, year round.

It is really that easy to go native.


Blog author: Amy Roskilly, Conservation Education & Communications Manager

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