Bring a Little Nature Inside

As more and more events get canceled, and I acquire more and more free time, my delve into the far reaches of YouTube has come across some interesting topics. Old tool restoration, magnet fishing, deep dives into movies I have never seen, among other things. One piqued my interest more so than the others. Terrarium construction. I found myself searching out new and fascinating ways to construct them. My favorite examples included upside down terrariums and a terrarium inside an aquarium (Vivarium inception?). I began to wonder if I could construct one out of materials I found in my back yard. The answer is yes.

I began by watching a couple videos on how to build a backyard terrarium. The thing that struck me most was to let the natural landscape speak to you. As I strolled around my backyard different things spoke to me; a stone; a twig; a patch of moss on a rock pile. I slowly collected small samples to assemble the terrarium.

Once I had my materials gathered, I assembled them. Start with a layer of small stones that are cleaned. This will allow the water some place to stay. Next add a layer of landscape fabric to keep your soil separate from the rocks. Add the soil gathered from the back yard. This soil holds a wealth of micro organisms that will help keep the closed system running. Finally add your hard scape and plants, then give it all a good spritz of water.

Time will tell if the terrarium survives, but building it was more about enjoying the outdoors and exploring my own natural backyard. I found my time outside and building the terrarium to be therapeutic. I also find that the little green space inside puts a smile on my face.

Go out and enjoy your backyard and maybe bring a little nature inside.

The steps that are in the photos are by no means complete or the definitive guide. This is merely an article to encourage you all to get out into the nature of your backyard and discover some of its beauty. For more in-depth instruction or inspiration, a quick Google or YouTube search results plenty of information.

Blog author: Jakob Hamlescher, Urban Technician

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