Improper Drainage: A Homeowner's Nightmare

If you have been experiencing drainage issues these past few weeks, you are surely not alone. The combination of frequent and heavy rains and soils that don’t naturally drain well have seen to that. In fact, the soils in nearly 43% of Cuyahoga County are classified as Somewhat Poorly Drained, Poorly Drained or Very Poorly Drained (and this figure doesn’t include the 27% of the county that is not assigned a drainage class because it is considered “Urban land” or surface water).

Water-related issues that homeowners typically deal with include ponding or slow-draining areas, wet basements and saturated soils that impact infrastructure such as sidewalks or even foundations.

Drainage Solutions

You’ll be happy to know that solutions are available. Cuyahoga SWCD’s “Improper Drainage: A Homeowner’s Nightmare” - available for free download – describes common drainage problems and solutions ranging from simple, do-it-yourself activities, to more involved projects that may require the assistance of a landscaper or other contractor.

A Word on Maintenance

Just like with any other infrastructure, routine maintenance and clearing of existing drainage systems, such as downspout and foundation/footer drain pipes is critical to ensure proper function. If ponding or soil saturation begins in a new area of your yard, there is a good chance that these drains are broken or clogged – which can also lead to water around the foundation and in the basement.

Cuyahoga SWCD Drainage Resources for Residents:

Improper Drainage: A Homeowner’s Nightmare – booklet describing common drainage issues and solutions

Drainage Around Your Home – residential drainage fact sheet

Blog Author: Jared Bartley, Senior Program Manager

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