A (Work) Day in the Life

Posted on 03/03/22 by Brent in Storm Water Services

Alarm clock RINGING “Woke up! Fell out of bed! Dragged a comb across my head. Found my way downstairs and drank a cup and looking up I noticed I was late. Found my coat and grabbed my hat. Made the bus in seconds flat.” Although it would be cool this blog will not be about the song “A Day in... read more

A Fond Farewell

Posted on 02/22/22 by Elizabeth in Euclid Creek Watershed

Just a gal cleaning up a creek

Since 2000, Cuyahoga SWCD has worked with the Euclid Creek Watershed Council, Friends of Euclid Creek and other regional and local partners to implement over $11 million in Euclid Creek watershed projects. Over 275 acres and 9,000 linear ft of stream have been protected. Over 4,000 ft of stream have been restored, and over 12,500 trees and shrubs... read more

What do you do?

Posted on 02/15/22 by Carla in Storm Water Services

Walking in a conservation easement.

My teenage son just started high school this year. This was a momentous occasion for him, but also for me as a mom. I think he dealt with the change much better than me. I still feel I am too young to have a high schooler! However, the white hairs on my head are a subtle reminder of... read more

Friends of Euclid Creek February Update

Posted on 02/11/22 by Meg in Friends of Euclid Creek

Friends of Euclid Creek is set to go out into the Watershed! See our Jan-June Save the Date Calendar of Events. First up is our February Kick Off Meeting. FEBRUARY KICK OFF MEETING! 2/22/2022, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Come and learn more about what we do and why. For more than 20 years, we have been working throughout the... read more

Winter Watershed Stewardship: Live Stakes and other Vegetative Streambank Stabilization Practices

Posted on 02/08/22 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

Live Stake sprouting in late Spring

When most people in Northeast Ohio think of winter, planting things outside usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But if you are a landowner dealing with eroding streambanks, it should! November through March is the ideal time to install live stakes, live fascines, brush mattresses, or a combination thereof (basically, you are aiming for the... read more


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