Mark Your Calendars for the 2021 Rocky River Clean - Up!

Posted on 05/11/21 by Meg in Rocky River Watershed

The Rocky River Clean-Up has been going on annually for nearly a decade and a half, a local tradition for the first Saturday in June. In the past it has entailed a large group of volunteers coming out to tackle litter along the river followed by a cookout. Sadly, last year it was canceled due to COVID-19 (we’ll... read more

April/May Showers Bring May Flowers & Stormwater Issues

Posted on 05/04/21 by Kelly in Storm Water Services

Erosion control matting on a hill for permanent stabilization. Photo Credit: Kelly Parker

April/May showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring stormwater control issues on construction sites. Spring rains and thunderstorms are now upon us and this means construction site supervisors need to plan for large rain events. Supervisors, don't just be reactive after the storm, be proactive and get ahead of it in order to minimize... read more

Devil Thy Name is Expanded Polystyrene Foam

Posted on 04/27/21 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

You might be a stream cleanup fan if your holiday gift to yourself is a Woodsy the Owl T-shirt.

Alternative Titles: Litter Picking Lessons Learned While Walking Buckeye the Dog, Litterati: A Lesson in Material and Brand, Let's Talk Trash I have had a passion for clean water and have been concerned about litter for as far back as I can remember (I recall a very over the top anti-litter video made with my 5th grade friends in... read more

“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

Posted on 04/20/21 by Jakob in Urban Agriculture

Tree Pick Up at Cuyahoga Soil & Water

Think of a Tree. It could be a specific tree that is important to you. Maybe one that you pass on your way to work, or one that was in your grandparent’s backyard growing up. What tree was it? For me it was a huge weeping willow in my grandparent’s backyard growing up. It provided shade for the... read more

Where is bebe's chamber?.......in a milk jug.

Posted on 04/13/21 by Amy in Educational Outreach

In January I posted a blog called I Feel the Need - The Need for Seed. The need for seed is now the need for patience. Patience to watch my seeds grow into bebe plants!! Back in January I made 22 milk jug greenhouses and am now seeing the fruits of my labor (but no fruit as I... read more


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