Cleanup of a Rover Pipeline spill near the Tuscrawas River in Stark County that occurred in Spring 2017.  Photo Credit: Ohio EPA

The Dakota Access Pipeline made international headlines when protestors near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation held their ground against Dakota Access, LLC and its partners fearing destruction of sacred lands and the environmental impacts the Dakota Access Pipeline project could have on the Missouri River which also supplies drinking water to several areas. Recent events in Ohio related... read more

Stormwater maintenance inspection - poppin' manholes

Prior to beginning my internship with the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District (CSWCD), I was a fly-fishing guide in northeastern Utah on the Green River. I referred to the river as “my office,” which had an ever-changing view of red rock canyons, crystal clear water and wildlife. During my time on the Green River, a plan was proposed... read more


In recognition of National Bat Week, this week from October 26-November 1, we are sharing a very important partner’s information about bat conservation and education. A group, the Organization for Bat Conservation, located in Pontiac, Michigan is doing phenomenal work to education people in our region about bats. They lauched a #SaveTheBats campaign to mobilize people to become... read more

Original conditions of the block

It is very well known the development community that projects over 1 acre in size are eligible for coverage under the Ohio EPA Construction General Permit #OHC000004 to control stormwater as part of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Less well known is the larger common plan of development provision of that permit. It specifies that; “Construction... read more

Plastics were invented in 1907 and they are most commonly derived from petrochemicals. Due to their relatively low cost and versatility, plastics replaced many traditional materials and are used for a huge variety of purposes. As wonderful as plastic has been, the world is now faced with adverse environmental effects. Certainly plastics play an important role in society; however... read more