TARGETING ILLEGAL DUMPING Illegal dumping is a pervasive problem throughout Cuyahoga County, but especially in the City of Cleveland and inner-ring suburbs. Tires, trash bags, construction debris and fast food bags can be found in ravines and out in the open. It is unsightly and a nuisance that impacts the quality of life, and potentially, the health of nearby... read more

Learn how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste!

“If there's something strange in your neighborhood, Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! If there's something weird and it don't look good, Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Fall is here and Halloween is approaching quickly, but ghosts aren’t the problem here at Cuyahoga SWCD… pollution is! Throughout many of our blogs posted here, we’ve pointed out plenty of options for how... read more

Mulching leaves in the Fall results in a greener lawn and up to 80% less dandelions the following Spring.

With lawn care, it’s easy to focus on the “roof” (grass) while ignoring the “foundation” (soil). The living systems occurring above and below the ground surface are determined by the properties of the soil. We often ignore the soil because it’s hard to observe. If you learn to feed the soil, you will let the soil feed the... read more

1.) Storm Drain Inlet Protection

Construction sites are a common sight during the warmer months in NE Ohio. Every construction site where soil is disturbed through excavation or grading is required by the state of Ohio to install and maintain best management practices (BMP) for erosion and sediment control. Keeping soil out of our storm sewers, streams, and lake is the goal of best... read more

Photo Credit: National Wildlife Federation

Help track wildlife and plant species nationwide by tracking and recording the wildlife in your own backyard! It’s fun, easy and for kids and adults of all ages. Wildlife Watch is an online resource created by the National Wildlife Federation that allows you to share your photographs and stories about the plant and wildlife species that you encounter.... read more


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