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Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday. There is so much to be thankful for during this time of year; family, friends, and health to name just a few. It’s a time when families, friends, and even strangers gather to share a meal and company. During this time remember to pause for a moment and reflect on Earth, this... read more

Mayor Gorden welcoming attendees

On November 12, Euclid Creek Watershed Program partners came together to celebrate the successes of the program over the past fourteen years. This meeting was the first of its kind in gathering all watershed communities, watershed council and committee members, Friends of Euclid Creek members, and partner agency representatives in one room to meet and greet and to... read more

A collection of Large Woody Debris (LWD)  in the North Branch of the Rocky River.  LWD like this benefits the river in many ways.

*This is the fourth post in a continuing series on backyard stream management.* Rivers and streams in our part of the world have four main functions in the landscape. First, and most obviously, they convey water downstream. From the ground water that feeds their base flow to the surface runoff they receive during storms, this is their most apparent... read more

Intern Jon assists with a field assessment of an HOAs basin

If you've seen Cuyahoga SWCD staff out and about with a fishing rod in your community lately, never fear, we aren't fishing for our lunch, we are actually assessing storm water basin depths. With the expansion of our storm water facility long-term operation and maintenance program this year we have had a significant upturn in follow-up assistance requests.... read more

TARGETING ILLEGAL DUMPING Illegal dumping is a pervasive problem throughout Cuyahoga County, but especially in the City of Cleveland and inner-ring suburbs. Tires, trash bags, construction debris and fast food bags can be found in ravines and out in the open. It is unsightly and a nuisance that impacts the quality of life, and potentially, the health of nearby... read more


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