Trees such as cottonwood poplar and staghorn sumac growing on the slopes.  Invasive phragmites are observed within the bottom of this detention basin.

Each spring and summer for the past three years, I have done annual “long-term operations and maintenance inspections” of permanent stormwater control measures. In other words, an inspection of detention and retention basins, bioretention basins, underground detention systems, green roofs, and permeable pavers, to ensure they are being maintained and are properly functioning. While there are a few... read more

A YSI probe measuring dissolved oxygen

As an Americorps/NOWCorps member, I am faced with variety on a near daily basis. Some days are slow, some days are fast, but no matter what I do in a day, it’s worthwhile in one way or another. The slow days are a part of both service and work, and you just have to take them as they... read more

Not “literally” boiling us alive but, hey, I needed a clickbait title. Besides, during these humid, hot, days doesn’t it feel a bit like we’re all lobsters in a tank? But I’ve got a challenge for you all – if you have a thermometer (a candy thermometer, cooking thermometer, laser thermometer or even that thermometer on your... read more

Water is life. But it is so much more than just something we need to live. I love early summer in all its watery glory. Sitting around a pool or lake with family or friends. Spending a day boating or fishing on a lake or stream. Enjoying the thrill of a whitewater adventure or the calming effect of... read more

Cuyahoga SWCD painted rain barrel

For the new or casual grower, July may seem like a low action month. Most garden beds have been planted and now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But what if you forgot to plant your bed? Or you want something to do outside? Fear not! There is always something to do in the... read more


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