Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up…

Posted on 03/03/20 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

Maple Heights

You may remember this cute little song from your school days. It was a call for everyone to pitch in to pick up the mess - regardless of who made it. Volunteer stream cleanups rely on the same sense of shared responsibility. They’re a great way to teach both children and adults that “there is no away”. Most... read more

Wild About Wetlands- Part 3: If You Build It, They Will Come

Posted on 02/25/20 by in Cahoon and Porter Creeks Watershed

Watershed intern Breoni Turner and myself filming for Betsy Kling's Girls In STEM segment.

In my recent blogs, Wild About Wetlands and Wild About Wetlands- Part 2, I discussed the beauty and importance of wetlands and I introduced a man-made way to implement wetlands into areas, such as stormwater retention basins, where wetland plants would not normally grow in order to improve water quality while providing aquatic habitat. Last year was our... read more

An Update on the Euclid Shoreline Trail Phase 1

Posted on 02/18/20 by Megan in Storm Water Services

Paved portion of the trail (facing east).

As part of my role on the stormwater team I do active construction site inspections. The construction sites are located throughout Cuyahoga County and, for the most part, are very similar in nature – either a city site surrounded by buildings or a suburban site in a residential area. However, I have one site that has an incredible... read more


Posted on 02/12/20 by Janine in Educational Outreach

It is a party of a different kind and you are invited to join us as we celebrate the county-wide initiative to help reduce the insidious amount of plastic pollution! If you have ever participated in stream or neighborhood cleanups, you understand the problem with plastics, as well as other litter and debris. Most of us have seen the... read more

Euclid Creek Stream Restoration Design Project Gets Started

Posted on 02/04/20 by Elizabeth in Euclid Creek Watershed

Short grass in the rough does not support holding the streambank in place.

Cuyahoga SWCD recently received funding from Ohio Lake Erie Commission to design a stream restoration project for Mayfield Campus golf course in Lyndhurst. The golf course lies on the West Branch of Euclid Creek and is home to over 11,500 feet of stream and 235 acres of land, a significant contiguous portion of the Euclid Creek Watershed. This project... read more