SWCD Now Offers Workshops Online

Posted on 08/04/20 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Who knew that in January as we solidifed our strategic plan for the year, that by April we would have bitten off much of our stated goal to increase our online outreach. Well thanks to the pandemic, Cuyahoga SWCD did just that. Staff very quickly were getting up to speed with Zoom, GO2webinar, and video editing tools so... read more

Do you know your Watershed Address?

Posted on 07/28/20 by Meg in Educational Outreach

A tributary to Euclid Creek, a common watershed address for many in Cuyahoga County.

Do you know your watershed address? I’m not talking about the long string of numbers that scientists use to number each major watershed and call the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC). I’m talking about the name of the nearest stream to where you live or work- where any water that falls where you’re standing will eventually drain to. Around... read more

Found in a Basin: A Photo Blog

Posted on 07/21/20 by Lauren in Storm Water Services

A car! (okay, I actually found this in the woods right next to a basin, not inside the basin)

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall I conduct inspections of permanent stormwater control measures (SCM's). These include wet and dry basins, bioretention cells, permeable pavements, and underground systems. The purpose of an SCM is to either detain stormwater or detain and treat stormwater prior to discharging from the site. Typically inspections are done annually or every three years. Many... read more

Summer's Bounty

Posted on 07/14/20 by Janine in Educational Outreach

The only significant green space on Perkins Avenue, just east of downtown Cleveland, is immediately across the street from the Cuyahoga SWCD office. Three years ago, our landlord, Mike Stefan, enthusiastically approved of our idea to reimagine the space. The staff planted seven trees and a variety of native plants. In just three years, the space has been... read more

Forest City Tree Care Tools

Posted on 07/07/20 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Have you ever driven by a street tree with its roots overgrowing the sidewalk, or a sycamore with half of its branches removed to make room for utility lines and thought: There has got to be a better way! Well, the staff at many local conservation agencies have often thought the same. When planted properly in a well thought... read more


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