Join the War On Invasive Insects!

Posted on 11/12/21 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Lymantria dispar egg sack. Photo Credit: Wildlife Insight, 2015 Marie Lewis

Is it just me or does everything always seem to be about native and invasive plants? I've written several blogs on them myself. I mean plants are just freaking awesome and why wouldn't we want to read all kinds of stuff about them?! However, if you're gonna have plants, you're gonna have to know about the insects that... read more

What Would You Change?

Posted on 11/09/21 by Meg in Educational Outreach

This past week our staff attended a brainstorming session for the Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative, a consortium of non-profits and government agencies that work together in the northeast Ohio area, and one topic that came up was “what if we had all the resources we need, what would we change?" This can be a useful question to... read more

Scary SCMs

Posted on 10/26/21 by Elizabeth in Storm Water Services

What scares our stormwater inspectors more than ghosts and goblins? Stormwater control measures (SCMs) in need of major maintenance. In this blog we share a few of our more dreadful maintenance issues and our suggested solutions. Trash & Debris Issue: This is the number one trick when it comes to our stormwater control measures. Inspectors can't help but be terrified... read more

Discovering the Land!

Posted on 10/11/21 by Carla in Educational Outreach

Map Showing Explorer Routes                   (Photo Credit:studentsofhistory.com)

Today is both Columbus Day and Indigenous People's Day! This is the first year a U.S. president has officially recognized Indigenous People's Day. It's a big deal because for years they were not honored for their contributions and discoveres to American society. They faced forced assimilation and a host of violence for many years. They were the first here,... read more

Seasons of Backyard Conservation: Fall

Posted on 10/05/21 by Jared in Educational Outreach

That evening chill is back. Leaves are beginning their annual change from green to shades of yellow, orange and red. And pumpkin spice-flavored goodies dominate local menus, ads and social media feeds. Yes, autumn has returned to Northeast Ohio. And with this change of seasons comes exciting opportunities for backyard conservationists to improve soil health, provide wildlife and pollinator habitat, and... read more


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