Living In Harmony with Wildlife: Cottontail Rabbit

Posted on 08/09/21 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Eastern Cottiontail Rabbit. Photo Credit: Mass Audubon

Little bunny Foo Foo I don't want to see you hopping through my garden and chomping on my plants. These little mammals are super cute and I grew up with them as pets, but those rascally rabbits can also wreak havoc on our plants and vegetables. These little native critters are well adapted for survival here and will... read more

Teaching to the Choir

Posted on 07/27/21 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

Educating the public about the environment we live in and the steps they can take to restore it and keep it healthy is a big part of our mission. We work with all different types of audiences with varying amounts of knowledge and concern about water quality, urban tree canopy, and soil health. One of my favorite parts... read more

Improper Drainage: A Homeowner's Nightmare

Posted on 07/21/21 by Jared in Educational Outreach

Source: Cuyahoga SWCD

If you have been experiencing drainage issues these past few weeks, you are surely not alone. The combination of frequent and heavy rains and soils that don’t naturally drain well have seen to that. In fact, the soils in nearly 43% of Cuyahoga County are classified as Somewhat Poorly Drained, Poorly Drained or Very Poorly Drained (and this... read more

Put the Food Back in the Forest, Part II.

Posted on 07/13/21 by Jakob in Urban Agriculture

Site planting activities at Coit Road Farmers Market.

In our last blog about food forest, we discussed what a food forest is, why it is important, and some basic steps to follow. This update will be about some common challenges to creating a food forest that is meant to be a public space. Site ownership is the key issue when it comes to a publicly accessible food... read more

Who Cares Anyway?

Posted on 07/06/21 by Amy in Educational Outreach

I've never understood littering. I'd like to so I can know what do to reach those who do litter, but my response is usually going from 0-60 when I see it and get all flustered and make some passive/aggressive sweeping hand gesture. It's not the most effective reaction and certainly turns people off from talking about why they... read more


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