2015 - The Year of Clean Water

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 encourages all of us to celebrate 2015 as the Year of Clean Water – increasing awareness of our abundant water resources and taking action to ensure their viability for future generations.

Last Friday at Cleveland City Hall, 30+ agencies showcased the work they are doing towards a cleaner Lake Erie and our rivers, creeks, and streams. The resources are abundant and it’s through this work that just 46 years after our Cuyahoga River burned for the last time, our city is a shining example of environmental restoration. But we still have work to do!

It’s easy for us to take our Great Lake and our waterways for granted. Our reputation in the nation, while improving recently, is still tarnished from the last burning of the Cuyahoga River. We need to be better advocates for our city and our natural resources. We have come so far and are on the right track. Our momentum is undeniable.

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is a 10-year initiative that engages everyone to work together to design and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland that leverages its wealth of assets to build economic, social and environmental well-being for all.

In the past, Sustainable Cleveland has focused on Energy Efficiency, Local Food, Renewable Resources and Advanced Energy, Zero Waste, and this year’s theme Clean Water. There are many ways for YOU to get involved in the Year of Clean Water through the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District.

  • Learn about your local waterways. Ask questions. Get involved!
  • Learn what watershed you live in and how you can help to protect it.
  • Nothing but rain down the storm drain!! Storm drains go directly to our waterways untreated.
  • Install a rain barrel or rain garden. Keep your storm water on site.
  • Plant native plants. Their long root systems soak up water, prevent erosion and are habitat for animals.
  • Maintain your car – fix oil and gas leaks. Oil and gas are washed away into our storm drains.
  • Pick up pet waste. Bacteria like E.coli is present in dog waste and is washed into our waterways.
  • Plant trees along streams to prevent erosion. Sedimentation is the number one pollutant in our waterways.
  • Fertilize less or not at all. Learn what your yard and gardens need by doing a soil test.
  • Attend one of our presentations or come to our events to get more information.
  • Check out the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 website – www.sustainablecleveland.org

We are ALL a part of clean water!! For more information, contact Amy Roskilly here at our office.

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