Go Native This Spring

Spring is just around the corner – I promise! – which means it’s time to start our yard and garden planning. Did you know that by choosing plants native to northeast Ohio for our landscapes, we can reduce erosion, filter pollutants, create much-needed habitat for wildlife – especially pollinators like butterflies and native bees, all while watering and fertilizing less?

There are a number of ways to easily incorporate native plants into your landscaping. To start, or if you just want to do a small trial before converting your entire space to native plants, try replacing one of your existing beds with native flowers. Or growing some native wildflowers and grasses along a fencerow or other fringe location. If you are looking for more of an impact, you might consider a rain garden, or converting a lightly used section of your yard to a native meadow or prairie planting?

One of our most frequently asked questions about native plants is where to buy them. We have a list of local nurseries that specialize in native plants on the above-referenced web page. Also, LEAP and Cleveland Metroparks have compiled a regional list of native plant sources, complete with a map, here.

Additionally, there are a handful of native plant sales conducted by local organizations each year:

Many of our neighboring Soil & Water Conservation Districts make native trees and shrubs available through their tree seedling sales each spring:

If you have questions about how to get started with native pant landscaping, you can check out our rain garden and native plant resources here, or contact us with specific questions.

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