A Glance into the Life of an Education Intern

For the past month I have been working as the Education Intern here under Amy Roskilly, helping with Rain Barrel and Green Cleaning Workshops, tabling events, creating a native plant database, and even attending a wetland workshop!

Before I get into all of that I would like to introduce myself. My name is Allie Dumas and I am a rising junior at Kenyon College. I am majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Environmental Studies. This degree has allowed me to explore many different fields of study and have the opportunity to take a semester abroad this upcoming fall. I will be attending SEA Semester where I will spend one month in Woods hole, MA completing land research and another month on a boat traveling from Barcelona, Spain to the Canary Islands completing aquatic research. My interest in water conservation and preservation is what ultimately led me to working for the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District.

As an Education Intern I get the opportunity to experience many different jobs that CSWCD performs. Over the past month, I have listened and helped teach rain barrel workshops to different communities throughout northeast Ohio, attended an Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF) training session, and learned the importance of educating our cities and municipalities about storm water sites, and gotten my hands dirty helping boy scouts keep Big Creek clean. Although I have been given many responsibilities such as delivering newsletters, I have been able to make the internship fit my interests.

I recently attended a workshop with Amy called “Wade Into Wetlands” for three days. We got the opportunity to learn about different types of wetlands and the species that live in each. We were also given different lesson plans that we can incorporate into a wetlands workshop for the future.

Unlike many other internships, this one has allowed me to explore many different interests and understand the responsibilities of each position at CSWCD. I look forward to experiencing more in the next month as I take a trip with Annie (Watershed Intern) next week to a water monitoring site!

Blog Author: Allie Dumas, Education Program Intern

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