Is Fall too late to plant?

The answer is absolutely not! Fall is a great time to plant. Gardening doesn't end when the weather gets cool, it actually opens up a whole new set of possiblities.

Whether it's vegetables or perennial plants, you just have to know what to plant and how to care for them in the Fall.

Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts are better adapted to Fall gardening, since they produce best quality and flavor when they can mature during cooler weather. Information from the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service "The Fall Vegetable Garden."

But what about perennials? In Spring, the plants don't grow until the soil warms up. In the Fall, the soil is already warm. The warm soil allows the roots to grow until the frost. The cool Fall air is easier on plants and gardeners - also the Fall brings rain which makes the roots set in the soil. Not to mention that nurseries and garden centers often have discounted plants in the Fall.

Join us on October 12th and October 17th as we plant native plant gardens on city property. There will be short presentation on the importance of native plants before each planting. The sites will already be dug out - we need your help to shovel in the amended soil, planting the plants and covering the garden with mulch.

What a great way to usher in Fall with a garden that will be established come Spring!

Wednesday, October 12
Cpl. Knight Commons
(southwest corner of Biddulph & Ridge Roads)
Brooklyn, OH
4:00pm - presentation
4:30pm - garden installation

Monday, October 17
Garfield Heights Historical Society
5405 Turney Road
Garfield Heights, OH
4:00pm - presentation
4:30pm - garden installation

Bring gloves, water, hand trowels and shovels!

Funding for this project provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Soil and Water Resources

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