We Deliver!

Delivery area - Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga SWCD has many dozens of events throughout the county every year. Audiences vary and include students, the general public, homeowners, businesses, public leaders, community staff and many more. We partner with other agencies, communities and local groups to deliver year round workshops, school programs, presentations and volunteer events.

We believe that education is the key to improving stormwater management. Many of the pollution sources have been regulated. Sources are identified and action is taken to minimize damage to our streams and rivers. Non point source (NPS) is still an issue. When your car leaks oil, pet waste isn’t picked up, litter lays about or fertilizer is over applied, it is pretty impossible to track the source of the pollution as it enters the lake. These are just a few types of NPS. Changes in personal behavior are the solution to reducing NPS pollution.

So how do we reach enough people to make a difference? We deliver! Last year, we conducted over 40 school programs. Sometimes the students came to a site to get hands on experience but many of our programs for students and teachers took place in the school. We also delivered presentations to community and professional groups throughout Cuyahoga County.

Groups may request speaker on a variety of topics including stormwater management, urban agriculture, watershed planning, soil health, tree planting and maintenance, watershed friendly lawn care, green cleaning and other conservation topics. Presentation are generally between 30 and 60 minutes long. They can be adjusted based on the needs of the group. Not sure what will interest your group? Contact us for ideas.

Schools may request water, soil and forestry education for students or teachers. In school programs are limited so request them early. Schools that participate in district supported programs like our annual poster contest, Camp Canopy and Envirothon get first dibs! Teachers can borrow environmental models to enhance their lessons.

If conservation is on the menu for your school or group – please contact us. We deliver!

Blog author: Jacki Zevenbergen, Stormwater Education Program Manager

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