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At this time of year, the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District staff is typically working in the hyper-fast lane. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still life in the fast lane, but with different or modified delivery mechanisms. Staff has been working on a variety of virtual programs and ideas –for teachers, students, watershed aficionados and landowners. We have not let this pandemic slow us down!

Our mission is to implement soil and water practices that protect and restore healthy soil and water resources in the community. The staff is fully committed to that mission. Our work efforts are focused on implementing federally mandated programs for nearly every community in Cuyahoga County, but ultimately the programs are targeted to each and everyone one of us.

Our office is currently closed to the public however, the essential staff in the office are adhering to the pandemic guidelines, and most of the staff is working remotely to fulfill this year’s work tasks.

The Stormwater staff continue to ensure that new stormwater pollution prevention plans are reviewed, erosion and sediment controls on construction sites are installed, and post construction storm water control facilities are being inspected to ensure they are functioning to control stormwater runoff. Attenuating stormwater runoff and keeping sediment and pollution on site, helps to reduce contaminated runoff into our streams and Lake Erie.

You can find timely tips on our website. Please “Like” us on Facebook (Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District) and follow us on Instagram (cuyahogaswcd). Lots of great content has been uploaded by the education and watershed program staff. Learn more about our agency and watersheds in the county by watching this new video.

As more people are getting outside to feel less homebound and to enjoy the beautiful spring, we encourage you to take our Individual Acts of Conservation challenge. Check out our webpage here.

Finally, thank goodness for technology. We have been having virtual staff and board meetings, as well as, “meeting” with our partners. You are invited to contact us through our website, which has good information and publications that are helpful at this time of year.

I am very proud to have a staff that are committed to conservation and love what they do. We are engaged with many of our conservation partners to provide ongoing programming, albeit through web. The entire Cuyahoga SWCD staff is thankful to have the ability to continue our efforts and to serve the public to protect natural resources. Thank you for your support.

To you and your family, stay well.

Blog author: Janine Rybka, Director

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