Friends of Euclid Creek April News Update

Hello Friends of Euclid Creek Members, Volunteers and Friends,

Did you know Friends of Euclid Creek is helping to protect conservation sites? Those are lands that have been protected by a conservation agency to preserve the lands' environmental qualities. West Creek Conservancy purchased three sites in the Euclid Creek Watershed, with Clean Ohio grants, and is now the "owner". Land owners can donate an "easement" for the land to be protected in perpetuity. The holder of the easement is in charge of ensuring the land is being protected. The Cuyahoga Soil & Water District along with West Creek Conservancy holds the easements. Elizabeth Hiser of Euclid Creek Watershed Program helps to manage the sites. The Friends of Euclid Creek Conservation Committee works with Elizabeth on projects as needed, such as helping to plan restorations, removing invasives, erecting deer fences, restoring wetlands, protecting from public encroachment. All work on the sites must be approved by West Creek & Cuyahoga SWCD.

1) Richmond Heights Redstone Run Highland Preserve: 8.71 acre property along a steep ravine tributary to the East Branch of Euclid Creek known as Redstone Run. Property acquired in 2013. The site is heavily wooded and serves as protection on both sides of the steep ravine. More https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/euclid-creek/programs/richmond-heights-redstone-run-highland-reserve.

2) Highland Heights Dusty Goldenrod Preserve: 37 acre forested and meadowed land with high quality wetlands and rare plant species. Property acquired 2008-2019. More https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/euclid-creek/programs/highland-heights-dusty-goldenrod-preserve.

3) Highland Heights Wetland Preserve: 11.87 acre forested wetland complex neighboring the Highland Heights Community Park (along Bishop Road). Property acquired in 2014. More https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/euclid-creek/programs/highland-heights-wetland-preserve-along-bishop-road.

Friends of Euclid Creek volunteers are also supporting a Native Plant Garden in Sims Park, Euclid, Ohio, established Fall of 2019. It is not a conservation property.

- Volunteers Steve McIntosh and Marian Swirski are working on the website. Hope to have a proto-type soon for the board.

- Brian Gilbert and the conservation committee are determining invasives (red maples) for removal to protect the Dusty Goldenrod plants from being shaded out. Also they must wait until late fall to plant live stakes of native plants and remove other invasives. Funds needed to protect the preserve are often paid with a grant from Dominion.

- Marketing was able to get an article in the Euclid Observer as to why wait to clean up the yard. Here is link http://euclidobserver.com/read/2020/04/01/let-those-bugs-sleep.

- Even though other environmental groups are not active in the community right now, they are all still working from home behind the scenes.

- In these time of frightful news and stress the last thing on our minds may be the condition of our environment. However, it is being hammered right now with unprecedented loads of plastics and chemicals generated by those trying to protect us and themselves. No way to handle that right now, but we can all still do our little bit to slow down that onslaught. Reduce chemicals in the home and yard, recycle appropriately especially plastic bags, and reduce single use plastics. Here is another tip: When cleaning out closets, house and garage, avoid putting items in the trash if they can still be used or recycled. Hold items for the charity shop and metals for the scrap company. They will open eventually!

- Be sure to watch Governor DeWine's press conferences held every day, 2 p.m., PBS, Spectrum One, and other channels. Great information for all of us.

- April is Native Plant Month! Please plant a few natives in your yard. (They can even grow in containers.) Here is link to Shaker Lakes Plant Sale (order by April 17!) https://shakerlakes.org/plant-sale/. Contact Elizabeth Hiser, Euclid Creek Watershed Program, Ehiser@CuyahogaSWCD.org for more information on native plants.

A word to our folks that are still working in public perhaps in direct contact with possible virus infection. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please be safe and well. For the rest of us, we will stay in as requested, gardening sustainably, picking up litter, and cleaning out the storm drains as we go our solitary ways.

Best wishes to all,

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek Board, Marketing

Cleveland Metroparks Certified Watershed Steward

Blog Author: Kelly Butauski, Friends of Euclid Creek Member

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