Friends of Euclid Creek July News Update


The months are flying! We had our July board meeting in my yard in Euclid. All socially distant! It was fun and very productive. Here is what is happening:

Education Committee

We are combing through our 2020 calendar to see what we can do. We must cancel the July and August sewer lecture and tour. In September, we should have a video session from Sustainability Cleveland on Climate Change and How it Will Affect Our Area. In addition, we will video the Dusty Goldenrods when they are blooming. We also plan on having a video or walking tree discussion led by Chris Vild, our former vice president and arborist, sometime in October.

Conservation Committee

Esther Trepal has come on as chair. Esther and Neil Barrett are making wonderful progress cleaning out the invasives. I was there last week to watch them learn how to girdle red maples which are shading out the goldenrods. If you want to help preserve this rare and critical wetland habitat please let us know. Esther and Neil can't do it all alone! Brian Gilbert, former conservation chair, has written several pamphlets: Plants in the Euclid Creek Reservation; Invasive Plants in the Preserve; and an brochure of the preserve as a wetland with pictures of the protected flowers. He has also written about how to protect against ticks and poison ivy. If you want any of these information pieces reply back to me and I will send them to you. A few months back, Elizabeth Hiser did a video tour of the Dusty. Very informative https://youtu.be/AYOlNZER_mk.

Marketing Committee

Our other new chair is Jim Juknialis, long time board member and member of the marketing committee. Jim brings years of sales and marketing experience to help us improve our marketing. We do very much need some help in this committee. We need help with photos and posting on social media. We also need a person experienced in virtual presentations to help Jim present our programs.

Native Plant Garden

Another happy accomplishment. Our native plant garden interpretive sign is up in Sims Park, Euclid. The sign has two pictures donated from our former board member Anna Julnes. The garden is healthy and growing well. Not too many flowers yet. They will be fantastic next year. Thanks again to the City of Euclid for putting in the sign and the Hanes Family Foundation for the donation!

Website Project

The draft commentary has been written and is being sent out to board and former board members for review. The website has been designed by Steve McIntosh. It will be wonderful to have our own website so we can communicate with the public better.

Membership Committee

Natalie Keyerleber, membership chair, and Steve McIntosh, vice president, and others will be calling you to let you know about some upcoming socially distant volunteer opportunities and to get to know each of you a bit. I know you will like talking to them.

Recent Donations

Frank Skala, member and former President has donated a rain barrel to FOEC. We are discussing its best use. Thank You, Frank!

Lyndhurst Garden Club made a nice donation which we will use to buy flowers for the Native Plant Garden.

Dave E. from Virginia made a nice donation. He grew up in the area and loves it. He found our information on facebook.

Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District changes:

Most of you know our good friend, Cuyahoga Soil and Water, Euclid Creek Watershed Program manager, Elizabeth Hiser. CSWCD is changing how they structure their staff duties and we will be working with a new person, Meg Hennessy, Volunteer Coordinator for FOEC, Rocky River and Cahoon. Meg is from New Mexico where she worked with watershed issues. (Yes, they have water problems too.) Elizabeth will still be around but working more on stream restoration projects so she is not far away. I have met Meg, you will like her!

Environmental News:

We have had members contact us about recycling and water contamination issues.

- Carol P. in Cleveland is struggling to find alternative places to recycle while Cleveland figures out when they will get back to it. Our friend, Judy Dearden, President of Highland Hts. Green Task Force, was very helpful and found these recycling links for Clevelanders: https://cuyahogarecycles.org/cleveland, and https://cuyahogarecycles.org/Documents/PageContent/Recycling/Cleveland_MixedPaper_RecyclingBins.pdf

- I can add that many scrap metal places will take aluminum and metal cans along with many other things that you can take to them to keep metal out of the landfills. Call first to verify what they take.

- Also, recycle those plastic bags back to the grocery store. They take other kinds of plastic bags and wrappers also https://recyclecoach.com/residents/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-plastic-bag-recycling/

- Another member, Bernard L. contacted us about a suspicious odor and color in the creek. All of us can keep a sharp eye out for odors, colors, trash, etc. in the Euclid Creek or the Lake. Here is who you call to report: Ohio EPA Spill Hotline at 1-800-282-9378. FYI, Bernard makes sculptures from junk he picks up by the creek and lake. They are displayed at the Slovenian Historical Museum in Slovenian Home, Cleveland. Very cool!

- Best way to know what your grass needs instead of pouring on fertilizer - get a soil test. You may not even need that fertilizer. https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/hyg-1132

- Nature Scoop for July link: https://mailchi.mp/d6f707853876/nature-scoop-july-2020.

- Online Rain Garden Classes start on July 17. Contact Elizabeth Hiser, 216-524-6580x1002.

- If any of you are on Facebook by all means sign on to the Euclid Creek Watershed Program page. Great information and pictures!

I know we are all out there doing our small and not so small environmental work every day. In this crazy world it is easy to say, "I give up!" We all feel like that sometimes and that's o.k. Just keep trying however you can to clean up your own area, spread the environmental word, and work with others. Every small litter pick up, every refusal to use chemicals, every native plant planted will help. Hopefully we will be able to inspire others further afield to help achieve our vision of a beautiful, healthy, vibrant Euclid Creek Watershed.

Thank you for all you do for the watershed,

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek, President

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