FOEC August Update

Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed that emails have been coming from me lately instead of FOECpresident@gmail.com. We have had nothing but trouble with that account so for now we can use my personal email. I hope this doesn't cause confusion or for anyone to miss emails. Watch your "spam" folder and let your email know I am o.k. and also friendsofeuclidcreek@gmail.com.

Education Committee


Sustainable Cleveland: Engaging Community Through Climate Action

Presented by Cathi Lehn Ph.D and Kristin Hall

RSVP TO: Steven McIntosh to get on the attendee list.

- We had our first Zoom presentation on the Watershed Water Monitoring report. It was well attended with about 28 persons. I am sorry it was not recorded. I am trying to get a summary for everyone.

- We may have a socially distant walkabout/video in the Dusty Goldenrod Preserve with John Reinier of the Cleveland Metroparks on September 11. More info coming.

- Chris Vild, our former Vice President and arborist may be able to have an October walkabout to tell us Why Trees are Important.

- Who knows what else we will come up with for the winter. Why not a Zoom Holiday Party! (Bring your own cocktail!)

Marketing Committee - In January, we sent our "Simple Actions" brochure to every mayor in the watershed. In June, the City of Lyndhurst printed it in their June newsletter! We have already received an inquiry about why we advocate not using microfibers. This is a great example of spreading the environmental message which we all can do.

Conservation Committee - Our Conservation committee with be spending the balance of the 2020 $3000 Dominion Grant to cut down trees and buy plants for the Dusty. This work can be done in late fall. Thank you to our Conservation committee and the Euclid Creek Watershed Program for always looking out for our conservation properties. There are so few wetlands now, each one is precious.

Getting to Know You - I hope those of you who had the opportunity to talk to Natalie Keyerleber and Steve McIntosh enjoyed the conversation. They sure did. Steve said he could have talked for 45 minutes with each person they were so interesting.

Donations: Thank you Chris V. and Carolyn S. for your donations. Most appreciated! Ginny Aveni is donating a brand new rain barrel. Thank you, Ginny.

A Rain Barrel Raffle - We now have two rain barrels. In the spring we will hold a raffle for them. Anyone who becomes a new member will be entered in a raffle for one of the two rain barrels.

Paying Friends of Euclid Creek Dues - Most of our members pay their dues at the June Annual Meeting but we did not have that meeting. For those who forgot or anyone that would like to support us by becoming a new member see the information below. Our membership total demonstrates to the world and grant makers how well we are supported by the community. It's your show of support!

Send check payable to Friends of Euclid Creek to P.O. Box 21384, South Euclid, Ohio 44121.

Or you can pay on the internet through this link: https://www.euclidcreekwatershed.org/euclid-creek/support-us

$25 for individual, $35 for family, $20 for students and seniors 65+.

Environmental News

Rain Gardens and Native Plants https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/programs/rain-gardens-and-native-plants

2020 Harmful Algae Forecast https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=ojaOEr9oJbA&feature=youtu.be

State of Ohio Plan for Watersheds http://h2.ohio.gov/

Green Yards & Healthy Homes https://www.gotostage.com/channel/2b314627a9824440ba09d85b766fa89c/recording/1de7cefd9b3048f39d5f58c06489146f/watch

Nature Scoop (great info!) https://www.gotostage.com/channel/2b314627a9824440ba09d85b766fa89c/recording/1de7cefd9b3048f39d5f58c06489146f/watch

Environmental Tip: When dining out take your own container for leftovers and tell them to Skip the Straw!

Talk to you soon. Stay environmental!

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek, President

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