Hi, Everyone,

I hope you have had opportunities to get out in our beautiful watershed parks and enjoy the amazing weather. Spring is finally here and that means FOEC is picking up our pace.

Membership, Natalie Keyerleber

SPECIAL NOTE: June 15 is our Annual Meeting and the board decided to hold it via zoom. We had so hoped to meet in person but are unsure how many would be comfortable to meet yet or even if we could find an open venue.

Members will need to vote on a few by-law changes. Ballots will go out to members only via email June 1. If you would like to vote, be sure to pay your dues by June 10 before you return your ballot. I have attached the membership form or you can sign up through the website GET INVOLVED | Friends of Euclid Creek. If you have any questions please contact Natalie Keyerleber (natalie@keyerleber.com).

We have 4 new members this month. Please welcome: Judith Ayers, Diane Dierker, Alex Ford, and Maria Stewart!

Education, Steve McIntosh

April 18, 10:00 a.m. - Wild Flower Hunt in Euclid Creek Reservation with former board member Anna Koslenko is now closed. We had such a good response we had to add another group!

April 30 - Drawing for a free hand-painted rain barrel and installation (a $130 value). To enter the drawing, sign up on our website to become a member of Friends of Euclid Creek. Let me know if you received a post card.

May 8 - “Drain Painting with Keep Euclid Beautiful”. Friends of Euclid Creek and Keep Euclid Beautiful will team up to paint “The Lake Stops Here” stencils in front of many city storm drains to remind everyone that litter in the street becomes litter in the lake. (For information, contact Linda Beck, lbeck@cityofeuclid.com). Let Steve (steven.a.mcintosh1@gmail.com) know if you would like to be involved!

We are looking for community events in the watershed! We will be setting up our new EnviroScience Watershed Education Table to show how what happens on land impacts our water. If you know of a place for this activity please let Steve know.

Conservation, Esther Trepal (See Esther's & Neil Barrett wedding photo attached)

Anna Koslenko, volunteer bluebird monitor, has counted 21 species of birds in the Dusty so far including bluebirds. None nesting yet but lots of interest by many of the birds. Volunteers have begun removing invasives in all the conservation areas. The dreaded Lesser Celandine is growing in the Bishop Preserve. Luckily not too bad in the Dusty. An alert resident notified us that there was a lot of trash in the Bishop preserve. Volunteers removed that quickly. We have water monitors testing the water in the 5 small streams running in the dusty. They discovered a high level of ammonia coming in. Cuyahoga Soil & Water and other agencies are back tracking it to the source.

Donations - THANK YOU!

Judith Ayers sent a generous donation in appreciation of Jim Juknialis FOEC Marketing Chair. (We appreciate Jim too!) Thank you so much, Jude. In addition Jude has offered to help as a volunteer and is already doing a research project for the Education Committee! Thank you double, Jude!

Environmental news

Check out all the news and events around the watershed from Euclid Creek Watershed Program - https://mailchi.mp/f76bc38dd1ed/euclid-creek-april2021

Sustainable Cleveland Programs - Cleveland’s Clean and Equitable Energy Future (mailchi.mp)

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Nature Scoop April - Nature Scoop April 2021 (mailchi.mp)

Recorded nature programs - (67) Bringing Nature Home - YouTube

County Compost Classes - Cuyahoga Recycles : Composting Seminars

I accidentally discovered that you can wash your blue face masks! If you do throw any masks away please be sure to cut the strings.

April is an exciting month with lots of flowers, nature events, and dedicated days including Native Plant month, Earth month, Earth Day (4/22), and Arbor Day (4/23). All good reminders for us to recommit to staying environmental every day! And get out and enjoy the wonderful nature that surrounds us.

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek, President

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