What Would You Change?

This past week our staff attended a brainstorming session for the Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative, a consortium of non-profits and government agencies that work together in the northeast Ohio area, and one topic that came up was “what if we had all the resources we need, what would we change?" This can be a useful question to ponder from time to time, in our work and probably yours too. The goal is to step back and reframe how you think about your work. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day efforts of our jobs, so when you have a chance step back and think of the big picture goals you are working towards. Taking some time to reflect on this can change how you go about your everyday tasks. You won’t magically get all the resources you need to accomplish these goals, but you can refocus your efforts to where they need to be.

Here in Cuyahoga County there are a number of issues we routinely promote for good stewardship, from installing rain gardens, promoting urban tree canopy, helping residents address erosion and flooding, enforcing stormwater pollution prevention on contruction sites, supporting urban agriculture, and so, so much more. But what we would change if we had all the time, money, and resources in the world? Would we reach more people, or carry out different programs? Focus on restoration, or education, or advocacy? Those are the type of questions CSWCD try to ponder when we plan our future efforts. And that’s the question I’d like to put to our audience this week.

What about you, dear reader, in your community? What would would you do or change? Would it be how groups work with each other, or what issues we address? Is there somthing you think is being overlooked?

Share with us your thoughts in this form, and in one week I’ll post the ideas here (with your name redacted). Hopefully this will be an opportunity for some community brainstorming and reflecting, that could help us all focus our efforts in 2022.

Blog Author: Meg Hennessey, Watershed Coordinator

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