Giving Thanks to the Earth

Thanksgiving truly is a special holiday. It gives us a day to pause and reflect on the good things in our lives. Many will share a meal and company. Some of the more vunerable amoung us will be grateful for the technology that allows them to connect virtually even though they cannot do so in person. During this time remember to pause for a moment and reflect on Earth, this rock on which we float through space, and everything it provides to us.

I offer this haiku.

Bountiful harvest!
Productive soil; clean water
Give thanks to nature

While giving thanks is important in its own right, I also like this time of year because it means Thanksgiving dinner. None of the wonderful food in our holiday spread would be possible without lifegiving soil and water.

Below is a link to a tasty pecan pie recipe, courtesy of Alton Brown @ Food Network. The unique twist is using spiced pecans to balance the sweetness of the sugary filling.

Bourbon Pecan Pie


Blog author: Jacki Zevenbergen, Stormwater Education Program Manager

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