Friends of Euclid Creek February Update

Friends of Euclid Creek is set to go out into the Watershed! See our Jan-June Save the Date Calendar of Events. First up is our February Kick Off Meeting.

FEBRUARY KICK OFF MEETING! 2/22/2022, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Come and learn more about what we do and why. For more than 20 years, we have been working throughout the Euclid Creek Watershed (Beachwood to Cleveland/Lake Erie). What does this have to do with you? We will show you how you can make a difference, have fun, and meet environmentally minded people like yourself. Event is held at Highland Heights Community Center, 5827 Highland Road, Highland Heights, Ohio. Please register here https://www.friendsofeuclidcreek.com/events

Just for fun, we have submitted a Cleveland International Film Festival Community Partnership application. If they have a film that matches what we do we will collaborate on publicity opportunities. Sounds like a cool thing to do!

Our Conservation Committee has been working hard on upcoming events in the Dusty Goldenrod Wetland Preserve. Some may not happen so we will keep you updated if they do. We are definitely going to have a Frog Watch this Spring to Summer with volunteers. It is easy and fun! We will train you. We know at least one green frog is in there (see picture) - hope to find a bunch more! Anyone like to look for salamanders when they run in the spring? If interested in looking in the Dusty for some, let me know.

Membership: you can support our work by becoming a member on our website. If you have any questions, contact Membership Chair, Natalie Keyerleber (foecnatalie@gmail.com).

2022 Scholarship is open for applications now until April 1st 2022. If you know of a qualifying young person please give them the attached information.

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Hope to see you on the 22nd!

Stay Environmental,

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek, President


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