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October 16th– October 22nd was Stormwater Awareness week. This is a regional effort to raise stormwater awareness throughout our community. Typically, the week consists of public education campaigns through various forms of media as well as activities and events relating directly to stormwater. This year our office chose to educate the public through a series of daily video releases.... read more

NC Highways Historical Marker for PCB landfill protests in Afton, North Carolina. Source: Indy beetle, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.

With the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) recent establishment of its Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, it’s a good time for a brief check-in on what Environmental Justice is and what the movement is working on. The term “Environmental Justice” has been in use since the 1980s to describe the movement to relieve the disparate pollution... read more

Tool storage idea

As the warm months draw to a close, and the light of day grows shorter, now is the time to give your tools some TLC. Tool maintenance is an important process for the longevity and usability of the tools, and while it should be done regularly, it is often overlooked during the busy months. Here are the basics... read more

Our annual meeting is a time to review and celebrate a year of putting conservation on the ground and to recognize the people who helped us make conservation happen. It is also a time for Cuyahoga County residents and landowners to vote for candidates to fill any open spots on the board. This year we have four great... read more

Trans-Canada Highway wildlife bridge in Banff National Park. Photo Credit: Education Images/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

As a biologist and animal lover the idea of wildlife crossings has always interested me. However, I haven't seen one in person to my knowledge and really haven't thought about it in a long time honesty. Then a few weeks ago I came across an article online talking about multiple states passing legislation this year that sets aside... read more


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