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Gus showing off his CSWCD bandana. Photo Credit: Kristin Hall

Monday, July 11th is All American Pet Photo Day. So, what better way to celebrate than to introduce you to the 4-legged members of our team! These guys work just as hard, if not harder than we do. I mean someone's gotta pick up our slack, keep us in check, and supervise us (usually with their eyes closed).... read more

Me trying to keep it in check when others use chemicals on their lawn.

When you hear Green Yards and Healthy Homes, what comes to mind? Is it all out free from chemicals inside and out? Does it mean a 'perfect' green lawn, no lawn and only native plants, or somewhere in between? Have you been affected by chemicals inside and outside your home? Do you have a sensitivity to products used... read more

below-grate style inlet protection

In terms of advancing a construction project, site superintendents and project managers breathe a collective sigh of relief once the spring rainy season has passed. If a project is well underway then it is likely that the construction team has been battling frigid temperatures and the uncertainty of freeze and thaw cycles. If a project is just getting... read more

Me doing a macroinvertabrate survey for water quality monitoring.  Although scenic, invasive multi-floral rose and a tire in the river are observed.

I had been thinking about what to write for this blog, and since I shared what I do for a living in my last blog, I thought I’d share something else about me in this blog. I’m not going to say that this is personal, because to me, this is real, and I am certainly not alone with... read more

Posing with Parma Heights Mayor Marie Gallo at an Earth Day Celebration

Recently, staff at Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District have taken to doing a “Day in the Life” blog. I like to buck trends and go big so instead, I’ve done a “Month in the Life” (super creative I know -pause for applause-). In all seriousness, I couldn’t pick just one day from the last month to write... read more


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