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Acacia Reservation Chemistry monitoring

This event was the first of its kind in the Watershed and a whole lot of fun! On October 4, 60 participants and volunteers helped us take a snapshot of the creek's health with stops at Acacia Reservation, Highland Picnic Area - Euclid Creek Reservation (ECR), and Wildwood Park - ECR to do monitoring.It was a brisk morning... read more

Volunteers removing invasive phragmites and cattail in the bioswale at Wildwood Park.

The Wildwood Park Fall Cleanup Day was a big success on September 20. Volunteers from the East Shore Park Club neighborhood, Friends of Euclid Creek, CASE students, Euclid High School, and the Watershed Volunteer Program volunteers helped remove invasive phragmites and cattail in the bioswale. We also harvested Wingstem native plant seeds to disperse along the Euclid Creek streambank... read more

We are excited to roll out the new and more user friendly Euclid Creek Watershed Program website! We also have a new domain name that should make searching for all things Euclid Creek much easier: www.EuclidCreekWatershed.org. While we are launching the program now, we will be adding projects and plans to the site over the upcoming months. Please let us... read more

Our first boat at the Great Lake Erie Boat Float was a huge success despite the rain and waves - AND we had a blast AND the boat didn't fall apart or sink! This was a great collaboration between Friends of Euclid Creek, Mayfield High School, and Highland Heights Green Task Force. Thanks to Susan Jerome for sharing her... read more


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