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Streambank with Extreme erosion potential

The spring thaw has occurred and the 2015 sampling season is ramping up. While we will be doing our traditional water quality sampling throughout the Rocky River watershed, we will also be doing additional streambank erosion assessments in the Baldwin Creek watershed. Baldwin Creek is a tributary to the East Branch of the Rocky River that has been... read more

The snow has melted, the spring flowers are blooming and the tree buds are beginning to pop. After a long Cleveland winter, it is marvelous to witness the greening of our surroundings. Unfortunately, spring’s beauty is marred by the wind-blown, carelessly discarded or criminally-dumped litter and debris that seems to be ubiquitous. Unbelievable quantities of paper, plastic, debris... read more

2014 proved to be another rewarding and exceptional year for the Euclid Creek Watershed Program. We partnered with West Creek Conservancy and Friends of Euclid Creek and protected a 12-acre site with sensitive wetland and stream habitat in Highland Heights with Clean Ohio funding. Other highlights include: A Euclid Eagle Scout candidate installed 4 monarch way station gardens at... read more

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We officially entered Spring on March 20th but it took a couple weeks for it to actually feel like Spring. Before you know it, we will be out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine on a daily basis. Below and in the pictures above are Spring tips for March and April to get your yard ready. For... read more


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