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A one-mile section of Abram Creek was buried to make way for runway expansion at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in 2002.

Happy Halloween from Cuyahoga SWCD! Zombies. They’re not alive, but they’re not quite dead, either - much like many of our urban streams that have been buried and confined to culverts underground. And like zombies, these buried streams still resemble their living form: they transport water, sediment and debris downstream from their watershed. However, they are often lifeless, or... read more

For maximum wildlife, water quality and soil health benefits, leave your flower beds and other landscaping in place this fall. When you do tidy up in the spring, consider trimming your plants down to ground-level but leaving the roots in place. Also, fall is a great time to test your soil and to start a new native plant... read more

Oh the challenges associated with urban agriculture. No previous “farming” experience; tired, worn out or maybe contaminated soils; challenges obtaining permits for the land or water; variable weather and no blueprint for success. Back in 1949 when the Cuyahoga SWCD was established, Cleveland’s population was nearly 1 million and the county was already 50% developed. But in 2016 the... read more

Garfield Heights event

The answer is absolutely not! Fall is a great time to plant. Gardening doesn't end when the weather gets cool, it actually opens up a whole new set of possiblities. Whether it's vegetables or perennial plants, you just have to know what to plant and how to care for them in the Fall. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and... read more

Birds trapped in the

Fall brings cooler weather, gorgeously colored foliage, pumpkins, apple cider and it is the time when many bird species migrate south for the winter. This is a very difficult time for these birds. Their long trip south requires a lot of energy and timing is critical for survival. Many bird species migrate at night and these birds depend... read more