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embedded sediment, construction exit not working properly

Construction Entrances are an integral part of any construction site. They provide the function of knocking sediment off of the tires of vehicles leaving the site, thus preventing sediment from being tracked on to the roadways and ultimately running into the storm sewers. Sediment running into storm sewers can cause clogging and backups, as well as pollution of... read more

Fred Anger

FRED! Fred is a lifetime east-sider and a John Carroll University graduate with a degree in environmental science, with a piqued interest in the conservation of natural resources. After graduating Fred worked for 2 different environmental firms: AQUA DOC Lake & Pond Management & Emerald Environmental, which showed him the further importance of proper maintenance of stormwater features and... read more

Demar Sheffey, the Chairman of the Board at Cuyahoga SWCD, is passionate about youth development.

Black History Month is an important time to focus on celebrating and elevating Black history, lived experiences, voices, and ideas. Check out our Facebook page where we have been posting Conservation Spotlights focusing on Black leaders and residents in the environmental field and beyond. February is not the only month the District will be centering Black, Indigenous, and People... read more

Garlic Mustard

Welcome to National Invasive Species Awareness Week! The campaign is an annual program led by the North American Invasive Species Management Association (or NAISMA for short). This week is an international program to raise awareness about invasive species, the threat that they pose, and what can be done to prevent their spread. There are events all around the country,... read more

Volunteers help build a rain garden in Rocky River

Maybe you’ve heard of Master Gardeners, but did you know that you could also be a Master RAIN Gardener? The Northeast Ohio Master Rain Gardener program (or MRG for short) came to Ohio a few years ago from Washtenaw County, Michigan. The program has grown during those years, and now people can choose from courses all over Northeast Ohio... read more


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