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Urban Tree Conflicts

Posted on 06/15/21 by Colleen in Educational Outreach

Cracked Sidewalk-portland.gov

The verdict is in: trees are beneficial both to the natural and human environment. However, is there any way that planting trees can be detrimental? Any arborist or urban forester will tell you, “right tree, right place”; this is their mantra. On a recent visit to a school campus where the students were about to plant trees on the school... read more

When will Chicago’s trend start in Cleveland?

Posted on 06/08/21 by Carla in Storm Water Services

Photo Credit: Diane Cook & Len Jenshel

A green roof is in essence a rooftop garden. The roof of a building is constructed (or retrofit) with specific layers that allow rain drops to soak into the soil, plants, etc., rather than running directly off into the storm sewer system. In the United States, Chicago is at the top of the leader board when it comes to... read more

Then I Saw the Plants.........Now I'm a Believer

Posted on 06/01/21 by Amy in Educational Outreach

IT WORKED!!! I...have made plants.

I see with my very eyes - PLANTS! Plants that I grew!! Plants that are now in the ground and are doing well. I'm a good gardener but I STINK at growing from seed - or I did. I just was doing it wrong for me. Some people have the patience and space for growing plants indoors under grow... read more


Posted on 05/26/21 by Elizabeth in Friends of Euclid Creek

Hi, Everyone, Friends of Euclid Creek will at last be able to move our activities outside and have inside group presentations. Hope to meet all of you in person soon! 2021 Scholarship Winner Nina Savastano, Lyndhurst. Nina will be a senior at John Carroll University, majoring in Environmental Science. Nina plans on staying in the watershed area to work in an... read more

From Rust Belt to Green Belt-More Trees Please!

Posted on 05/25/21 by in Educational Outreach

Those of us working in conservation understand the importance of trees and their benefits, both human and environmental. In Cuyahoga County an analysis of the urban tree canopy, revealed that the canopy is shrinking. Once known as the Forest City, Cleveland’s tree canopy has gone from abundant to abysmal, shrinking from 19% to 17% in less than a... read more


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