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Annual Amphibian Migration

Posted on 03/23/21 by Chris in Educational Outreach

Spotted Salamander

It’s that time of year again! The temperatures are going up, some early spring plants and tree leaves are beginning to bud, and amphibians are coming out of hibernation and migrating to vernal pools to mate. The migration of amphibians such as salamanders and frogs occur around this time of year every year in northeast Ohio. In fact, this... read more

Ohio Native Plant Month Is Back!

Posted on 03/16/21 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Just like the perennials, Ohio Native Plant Month makes its return this spring. Ohio celebrated its first annual Ohio Native Plant Month in April of 2020. It was a huge success with lots of fun events, plant sales, and social media posts. April 2021 is just around the corner and may look a little different this year, but... read more

Saving Planet Earth: One Small Step at a Time

Posted on 03/09/21 by Carla in Educational Outreach


I feel planet Earth and the people it supports are truly, to borrow from the Ancient Chinese Proverb, a “yin and yang.” Inevitably population numbers are growing. The Earth “feels” the affect. You can look at the glass half empty - carbon emissions causing climate change, plastic pollution in our oceans, loss of old growth forests, etc. Or... read more


Posted on 03/06/21 by Elizabeth in Friends of Euclid Creek

Hi, Everyone, Just a few things to talk about this month. Everything seems to have slowed down as we all hold our breath for spring to get here! Education, Steve McIntosh, Chair So sorry our Trivia Contest had to be cancelled. Hopefully, we can do that later in the year. But we are continuing on… APRIL 27, 7:00 P.M.... read more

If we had no Winter, Spring would not be as pleasant

Posted on 03/02/21 by Nikole in Urban Agriculture

Fiddlehead - Young Fern

Signs of spring can sometimes feel a world away after a seemingly endless winter. There is beauty to be found in the snowy slowness that is winter. However, I find it easier to behold the keys to contentment with the unthawing of Lake Erie. These changes typically start sometime between mid-February and mid-March. There is a weather proverb that... read more


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