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Chris' Eco-Anxiety

Posted on 06/14/22 by Chris in Educational Outreach

Me doing a macroinvertabrate survey for water quality monitoring.  Although scenic, invasive multi-floral rose and a tire in the river are observed.

I had been thinking about what to write for this blog, and since I shared what I do for a living in my last blog, I thought I’d share something else about me in this blog. I’m not going to say that this is personal, because to me, this is real, and I am certainly not alone with... read more

A MONTH in the Life of an Urban Technician

Posted on 05/24/22 by Jakob in Storm Water Services

Posing with Parma Heights Mayor Marie Gallo at an Earth Day Celebration

Recently, staff at Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District have taken to doing a “Day in the Life” blog. I like to buck trends and go big so instead, I’ve done a “Month in the Life” (super creative I know -pause for applause-). In all seriousness, I couldn’t pick just one day from the last month to write... read more

The Gift of Nature

Posted on 05/24/22 by Carla in Storm Water Services

Over the weekend I saw the Disney movie Encanto with my family. It made me think a little more about how everyone has their own struggles they deal with no matter how perfect their life may seem. It also inspired me to realize that we all have gifts that we can contribute even if they seem insignificant at... read more

So You Want to Buy a House: Natural Resource Issues to Consider when Buying or Building a Home

Posted on 05/18/22 by Jared in Educational Outreach

Even small headwater streams can cause problems for improperly-sited buildings.

Part of what we do at Cuyahoga SWCD is to respond to landowner requests for assistance related to natural resource issues such as flooding, erosion and poor drainage. Sometimes there’s a relatively simple fix – stop mowing right up to the edge of the stream, for example. But other times a more complex, a.k.a. expensive, solution is required.... read more

A Day in the Life, from a Riparian Buffer's Perspective

Posted on 05/11/22 by Meg in Rocky River Watershed

The wider the buffer, the more effective it will be, but every little bit helps!

What is a Riparian Buffer? Why do they matter? The riparian area is the land alongside a stream or river that directly affects—or is affected by — the water. A riparian buffer is a green corridor along a river or stream that separates the water from surrounding land uses. Healthy riparian buffers contain trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that... read more


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