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Euclid Creek News - October 2015

Posted on 09/29/15 by in Euclid Creek Watershed

To see the latest news and upcoming events sent out to the Euclid Creek email distribution list - click on the link here! read more

Wildlife Watch!

Posted on 09/28/15 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Photo Credit: National Wildlife Federation

Help track wildlife and plant species nationwide by tracking and recording the wildlife in your own backyard! It’s fun, easy and for kids and adults of all ages. Wildlife Watch is an online resource created by the National Wildlife Federation that allows you to share your photographs and stories about the plant and wildlife species that you encounter.... read more

Going Digital: The journey to modernize field inspections.

Posted on 09/22/15 by Brent in Storm Water Services

Cuyahoga SWCD’s tagline is “Leading conservation in the urban landscape”. Breaking it down a bit really highlights the core of what we strive to accomplish as a District. Being a leader in conservation means Cuyahoga SWCD makes it a point to stay informed about the latest trends in the industry and works to implement innovative ideas... read more

Solving Stream Problems in Your Back Yard Series - Streambank Erosion

Posted on 09/16/15 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

Common in many urbanized areas, streambank erosion can change a backyard stream from a natural asset to be appreciated into a hazard to be avoided.

*This is the third post in a continuing series on backyard stream management.* Eroding streambanks are one of the most common landowner technical assistance calls that we receive at Cuyahoga SWCD. Often, homeowners cite the charm of the “little creek out back” as something that attracted them to the property. We hear stories of kids catching frogs in the... read more

Learn about YOUR lake!

Posted on 09/10/15 by in Educational Outreach

Lake Erie - our most precious resource!

Our proximity to the Earth’s most precious natural resource, water, is something that makes us very fortunate in northeast Ohio. With the turn of a handle, Lake Erie provides us with a seemingly endless supply of cheap and accessible water. Our geographical location makes us lucky; we never think twice about watering the lawn, washing the... read more


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