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2nd Annual Day in the Life of Euclid Creek

Posted on 08/04/15 by in Euclid Creek Watershed

2015 DITL - Chemistry Monitoring, Lou Rifici of Tri-C East, Acacia Reservation

Our second annual "Day in the Life of Euclid Creek" (DITLEC) day, held on Saturday, July 18th was quite different from last year - it was beautiful, warm weather! The inaugural 2014 DITLEC was held on a very chilly, 40 degree October day where participants learned about how we monitor water quality through water chemistry sampling, macroinvertebrate (aquatic... read more

Don't track into traffic!

Posted on 07/30/15 by in Storm Water Services

Embedded with Sediment / Non-functioning

Construction sites are a common sight during the warmer months in NE Ohio. Every construction site where soil is disturbed through excavation or grading is required by the state of Ohio to have a stabilized construction entrance to minimize construction traffic from tracking sediment into public roadways. A stabilized construction drive consists of large stone, usually 1.5”- 3” in... read more

Living in Harmony with Beavers

Posted on 07/22/15 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Photo Credit: Ohio DNR

North America's largest rodent is also nature's most amazing engineer. Beavers (Castor canadensis) are a keystone species, their presence or lack there of has a major impact on an ecosystem. They are one of only a few species, other than humans, that are capable of changing an entire ecosystem in order to benefit their own needs. They can... read more

The Role of the Construction Inspector

Posted on 07/14/15 by Brent in Storm Water Services

Being a construction site inspector is one of the toughest jobs on the construction site. The inspector is the vital link between design and its fulfillment in the field. Often times the construction inspector is an underrated position that is seen by many as a necessary evil. There are many types of inspections that are required on the construction... read more

Solving Stream Problems in your Backyard Series - General Stream Morphology and Impacts of Urbanization

Posted on 07/09/15 by Jared in Educational Outreach

*This is the second post in a continuing series on backyard stream management.* River. Creek. Stream. Ditch. Run. Swale. There are hundreds of potential names for that flowing body of water in your back yard. If we’ve had a lot of rain lately, they’re probably not all suitable for polite company. But learning the different land forms that make... read more


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