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Winter Watershed Stewardship: Live Stakes and other Vegetative Streambank Stabilization Practices

Posted on 02/08/22 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

Live Stake sprouting in late Spring

When most people in Northeast Ohio think of winter, planting things outside usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But if you are a landowner dealing with eroding streambanks, it should! November through March is the ideal time to install live stakes, live fascines, brush mattresses, or a combination thereof (basically, you are aiming for the... read more


Posted on 02/01/22 by Meg in Educational Outreach

As Cuyahoga County bundles up for more snow this week it may seem like these piles of white cold stuff are just burdens and obstacles that will never go away. Well, it’s February - so just keep visualizing “it’s six more months ‘til summer, it’s six more months ‘til summer.” And despite what your sore back from shoveling... read more

Mushrooms, and Insects, and Sustainability, Oh My!

Posted on 01/27/22 by Jakob in Urban Agriculture


When you picture a creepy scene what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a graveyard, or a haunted house. Usually, these scenes are accompanied by bats, ghosts, and zombies. Often in the background insects and fungi abound. Long have these last two been associated with the more morose side of life, however, they could very well be the future... read more

Cuyahoga SWCD welcomes new Education Program Specialist, Tim Becker!

Posted on 01/25/22 by Tim in Educational Outreach

With each dip of the net, the kids got more excited as the silt settled revealing wriggling dragonfly nymphs. I had taken a group of 75 fourth graders out of New York City upstate to an environmental education center. Some of them had never left the city. Many were a bit scared of spiders or bears or just... read more

"Feed me, Seymour! Feed me!"

Posted on 01/14/22 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Little Shop of Horrors - Feed Me Seymour. Photo Credit: FiveCraft - Sudden Changes/Feed Me (Git It)

It all started so innocently. Simply pondering a solution turned into an obsession. We try our best at Cuyahoga SWCD to practice the Three R's of Waste Management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). For a long time, we were using a countertop compost bin in our kitchen. Well as many of you fellow countertop composters know, this led to an issue... read more


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