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FOEC December Update

Posted on 12/15/21 by Elizabeth in Friends of Euclid Creek

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Everyone! We haven't talked in a few months so it's time to catch up. Thirty people come to the "Holiday Get Together" at Mulligans in Highland Hts. this month instead of our traditional Holiday Party. Everyone had a great time. (See the pictures attached.) Barb Holtz won the OSU tree book door prize. Great food, great friends. We... read more

Reflecting and Passing the Torch

Posted on 12/14/21 by in Educational Outreach

As year-end rapidly approaches, it also marks the bittersweet end of my professional environmental career. While I anticipate future opportunities to explore other options, my immediate plans include travel, volunteer opportunities, the Cleveland Hiking Club, and walking Coco (my grand dog)! That said, I want to reflect on the past year and the last twenty years and do... read more

Unrealized Amenities

Posted on 12/07/21 by Carla in Storm Water Services

Did you know that when it rains, quietly some of the landscape around us is hard at work? No, I am not talking about wooded/forested areas – although they do an extraordinary job with water absorption. I am talking about the parts of the built landscape that are engineered to collect and slow the flow of water, and in... read more

Giving Thanks to the Earth

Posted on 11/23/21 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

Photo: NASA

Thanksgiving truly is a special holiday. It gives us a day to pause and reflect on the good things in our lives. Many will share a meal and company. Some of the more vunerable amoung us will be grateful for the technology that allows them to connect virtually even though they cannot do so in person. During this... read more

Join the War On Invasive Insects!

Posted on 11/12/21 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Lymantria dispar egg sack. Photo Credit: Wildlife Insight, 2015 Marie Lewis

Is it just me or does everything always seem to be about native and invasive plants? I've written several blogs on them myself. I mean plants are just freaking awesome and why wouldn't we want to read all kinds of stuff about them?! However, if you're gonna have plants, you're gonna have to know about the insects that... read more


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