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Buyer Beware: 5 issues to consider before purchasing a property

Posted on 08/25/15 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Before spending time and money on installing a new fire pit, make sure that area isn't part of the developments drainage easement.

As development occurs consideration is not always given to location, land cover, and how existing conditions may affect future use of a property. Many of the landowner assistance calls that we receive at Cuyahoga SWCD are related to drainage, streams, soils, easements, and storm water controls, all relating back to property location and land cover. There are several... read more

FOEC Spring Celebration Recap

Posted on 08/21/15 by Friends of Euclid Creek in Friends of Euclid Creek

FOEC’s Ginny Aveni (left) greets guests Chris Alvarado and Christina Znidarsic

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing participation and support of Friends of Euclid Creek (FOEC). Whether your support is through volunteerism or financial, our joint efforts have made the Euclid Creek Watershed a more rich and vibrant community. I especially want to thank all of the sponsors, donors and attendees who supported the Spring Celebration fundraiser. We had... read more

The Power of Partnerships

Posted on 08/18/15 by Janine in Educational Outreach

The Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) are a formidable group in Ohio. Typical Ohio SWCDs are not big government agencies, but somehow the small staffs of each of the SWCDs cover a lot of ground—no pun intended. Throughout the state and locally, SWCDs nurture and rely on collaboration with partners to get conservation on the ground. Most of... read more

Drones and Stormwater Management

Posted on 08/11/15 by in Storm Water Services

In recent years autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), also known as drones or quadcopters have been highly debated and portrayed as a privacy risk to individuals and a risk to aircrafts. While both could be true, we have seen that there are many benefits that potentially outweigh the risks. One of the many advantages is in the management... read more

2nd Annual Day in the Life of Euclid Creek

Posted on 08/04/15 by in Euclid Creek Watershed

2015 DITL - Chemistry Monitoring, Lou Rifici of Tri-C East, Acacia Reservation

Our second annual "Day in the Life of Euclid Creek" (DITLEC) day, held on Saturday, July 18th was quite different from last year - it was beautiful, warm weather! The inaugural 2014 DITLEC was held on a very chilly, 40 degree October day where participants learned about how we monitor water quality through water chemistry sampling, macroinvertebrate (aquatic... read more


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