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What to do with doo? Pick up your poo!

Posted on 02/18/15 by in Storm Water Services

It is that time of year again where most of us long for the arrival of spring and begin planning for outdoor activities. The first time we can see our lawns and grass in the local parks is when we see the unsightly reminder of what we have been neglecting all winter. The little brown blossoms that are... read more

Euclid Creek News - February 2015

Posted on 02/13/15 by in Euclid Creek Watershed

To see the latest news sent out to the Euclid Creek email distribution list - click on the link here! read more

The Earth's Skin

Posted on 02/09/15 by in Educational Outreach

The Earth has a thin outermost layer or skin and that skin is soil! Whether just inches thick or a few feet thick, soil functions to keep the planet in balance. Furthermore, it is amazing substance--a complex mix of minerals, air, water, countless organisms and decaying remains of once-living things. To say soil is the foundation of life... read more

How To Test Your Garden's Soil

Posted on 02/03/15 by in Educational Outreach

If your garden's soil has never been tested, now is the perfect time. Testing your gardens can help determine the amount of nutrients and the pH level. It’s an inexpensive way to maintain plant health and maximum crop productivity. Testing will indicate whether you need to apply more or less fertilizer to your soil, keeping your garden and... read more

2015 - The Year of Clean Water

Posted on 01/27/15 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 encourages all of us to celebrate 2015 as the Year of Clean Water – increasing awareness of our abundant water resources and taking action to ensure their viability for future generations. Last Friday at Cleveland City Hall, 30+ agencies showcased the work they are doing towards a cleaner Lake Erie and our rivers, creeks, and streams.... read more


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