Euclid Creek Habitat Restoration Planning Grant - 2015-16

The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District is excited to announce that we were awarded a nearly $50,000 Cuyahoga Area of Concern (AOC) Habitat Restoration Project Planning grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) in 2015. Funds were used to create a habitat restoration inventory for the watershed and to prioritize potential sites for habitat restoration with input from community stakeholders and program partners. The majority of the funding was used to hire Biohabitats, Inc. to create concept plans and cost estimates for three priority sites in the watershed, information needed to apply for future stream/habitat restoration grant funding.

The project inventory will be incorporated into the Euclid Creek Watershed Action Plan as an update, and into the Cuyahoga AOC report for delisting impairments in the Area of Concern, of which Euclid Creek is a part. Grant funding for restoration and project planning is not a common funding source, so we are very grateful to Ohio EPA for offering this innovative funding to help get projects ready for grant proposals.

The following are fact sheets about the projects:

Concept Plans:

Technical Memos:


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