Richmond Heights - Greenwood Farm Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project

Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) was used to finance to construct a new porous parking area and bioretention areas to collect runoff from driveway, parking areas, and roofs.

The City of Richmond Heights was awarded $187,500 in 2012 through the Ohio EPA, Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) to fund an innovative green infrastructure project at the city-owned Greenwood Farm property on the East Branch of Euclid Creek near Chardon Road on Richmond Road in Cuyahoga County.

The project includes construction of new driveways and parking areas for volunteers and visitors. Instead of conventional paving systems, porous pavement will be installed to allow water to infiltrate into the ground versus sheet flowing and picking up pollutants that will enter nearby Euclid Creek. Bioretention areas will be installed to receive storm water runoff from the new driveway and parking areas, and from roof runoff from the main farmhouse and barn.

The C.W. Courtney Company designed the project and Landco-Germano Construction was awarded the contract to perform the work.

Construction started on the project in mid-July and was completed in mid-September of 2013.


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