Richmond Heights Stream Names

Claribel Creek, Redstone Run, Stevenson Brook and Verbsky Creek

Have you seen new stream signage in Euclid Creek lately? At long last, streams that were named in Richmond Heights back in 2008 have signs to show people where these beautiful tributaries are located.

Euclid Creek is fortunate to have many small streams remaining that feed into the larger Main Branch and East Branch of the creek that travel to Lake Erie. These often overlooked smaller streams are an important part of the watershed, as they are sensitive ecosystems called Headwater Streams (where streams begin). These tributaries typically do not have a name associated with them and tend to be forgotten as part of the larger watershed system.

Giving a name to a stream, run or ditch, no matter how small, gives it an identity and raises awareness and concern about protecting our vital natural resources. Even if portions of a stream are underground, giving it a name offers hope that some day it could be daylighted, restored and brought back to the surface.

In 2008, Richmond Heights named four Euclid Creek tributaries to the East Branch that run through the City. Each stream was named either after an important family in the City’s history (Claribel Creek, Stevenson Brook and Verbsky Creek) or after a natural feature on the land, such as Redstone Run, referring to the streams reddish sandstone from the Devonian Berea formation that was quarried extensively in the late 1800’s.

Official naming of a stream is conducted through the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on their topographic maps. Richmond Heights proposed four streams to name in order to identify and promote conservation efforts of these streams and all were unanimously approved by the USGS Board of Geographic Names. Information and procedures can be found at the following website: http://geonames.usgs.gov/domestic/faqs.htm.

But we need your help! Do you have a name for your backyard tributary, do you have a suggestion, or have you heard of anecdotal names for unnamed Euclid Creek tributaries that you could share with us? If so, please call or email the watershed program manager (ehiser@cuyahogaswcd.org or 216-524-6580x1002).

The printing of these signs was made possible in 2016 through funding provided by Friends of Euclid Creek, through a Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Service Agreement.


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