South Euclid - Lanphear Park Green Infrastructure and Native Planting Project

The project aims to install a 215 square foot bioswale basin draining 2,100 square feet of parking lot. In addition, 3 native plant landscape beds and native trees and shrubs will be added to the Lanphear Park, a pocket park neighboring Langerdale Marsh (a 10-acre detention basin retrofit). Approximately 350 native perennial plants will be installed in the bioswale, landscape beds and neighboring areas.

Native plant species will be chosen based on their soil and light preference. The area in the bioswale will receive native plants that tolerate water inundation and drought. The landscape beds and turf area will be planted with species adapted to soil conditions. Native trees and shrubs to be added to the rain garden, landscape beds, and turf area may include (contingent on availability): Ilex verticillate (Winterberry Holly), Lindera benzoin (Spicebush), Hamamelis virginiana (Witch-hazel), Quercus phellos (River birch), Cornus florida (Flowering Dogwood), Ostrya virginiana (Hophornbeam, Eastern Hophornbeam), Carpinus caroliniana (Musclewood, Blue Beech, American Hornbeam), and/or Amelanchier laevis (Allegheny Serviceberry). Some of the non-native plants in the original planting plan will be replaced by native perennials including (contingent on availability): Iris virginica (Southern Blue Flag Iris), Geranium maculatum (Wil Geranium), Sporobolus heterolepis (Prairie dropseed), Liatris spicata (Dense blazingstar), Hydrangea arborescens (Wild hydrangea), and/or Heuchera richardsonii (Prairie alumroot).


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