West Branch Euclid Creek Mayfield Campus Restoration Project

Cuyahoga SWCD received funding from Ohio Lake Erie Commission in October 2019 to design a stream restoration project for Mayfield Campus golf course in Lyndhurst. The golf course lies on the West Branch of Euclid Creek and is home to over 11,500 feet of stream and 235 acres of land, a significant contiguous portion of the Euclid Creek Watershed.

This project is a result of the need to improve fish populations, benthic populations, and fish and wildlife habitat within the Cuyahoga River Area of Concern (which Euclid Creek is a part of). The purpose of this project is to stabilize eroding streambanks utilizing bioengineering, thus reducing the amount of sediment that travels downstream, stabilize the stream bed, improve in-stream and riparian habitat, and reconnect the streams to their floodplain while still allowing for a functional golf course.

Stakeholders from Cuyahoga River Restoration, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, the City of Lyndhurst, the golf course, and Ohio EPA are working with Cuyahoga SWCD on the project. Seven consulting teams submitted project proposals and after review and ranking, Cuyahoga SWCD has entered into a contract with EnviroScience, Inc. to complete the design project.

The design will aim to restore and stabilize at least 2,000 feet of stream channel, enhance 10.7 acres of existing riparian forest, and convert 2.6 acres of existing rough from turf to native riparian forest or meadow.

Once we have full designs and a bid package in place it will be time to find funding options for construction of the project.

Thanks to Jane Goodman for creating this video featuring our project!


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